Why God made dogs?


Sparkle’s cuddle made me think- Why God made dogs? – the answer was simple for Happiness and Hugs, Love and Loyalty, Friendship and Fun, to Give and to be Grateful. Our Furry Gurus teach us a lot more- Mindfulness, Compassion, Perseverance, Never Give up Attitude, Express – wag when you’re happy, growl or give warning signals when you’re not. Simply put – Be true and be you. Sniff for the daily dose of happiness in simple things. Enjoy the cold nip, snuggle in the blanket, give soulful looks for the things you want. Be demanding and most of all – Have fun! Lift our spirits, make us laugh, bark our blues away…with their numerous antics keep us amazed and alive. Most important – learn to say NO – if you don’t want to do something- don’t do it (this happens on a cold day when Sparkle refuses to go for a walk!).
Truly our best friends who not only give us the emotional support but since time have been helping humans in so many activities- herding, sledging, detection activities- bombs, drugs, health issues, helping people with disabilities, being a confidante to all – helping children, supporting the elderly – so many amazing abilities in one package – the dog!
A child who is brought up in the company of a pooch knows that he is responsible for his dog’s needs and thus develops compassion for all beings.
“The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic.” – Henry Ward Beecher (1813 – 1887)
Some New Year resolutions by our loving pet parents: Varuna Divekar from Mumbai says, “My resolution is to buy more dogs and a farm house.” In Secunderabad, Manoj Khurana decides to sterilise more colony friends, already 100+fixed. Similarly, Nishi Chand of Lucknow goes for more awareness of adoption & sterilisation and Oindrila Ray will help stray dogs get some shelter, food and medicine in Pune. And in Delhi, Deepti Shukla’s dog Zoonie will share her food with street friends. Sanjana Ganguli in Ahmedabad and Ranjeeta Nath Ghai in Assam plan to reduce weights of their pooches. In Kanpur, Manisha Dubey says to have lots of fun and love each other more and Vatsala Shukla in Delhi gets set for longer morning walks and soaking up the morning sunlight with her pooch.
Sparkle and the team of Dogs & Pups wish you Furry happiness – have a fun-filled 2014!