Thai cats Gentle n’ elegant

Thai Cats are very devoted to their pet parents…they exactly know when you are in a happy mood and when you are sad. Here’s more about this amazing breed.

Thai Cats, often called Wichien-Maat (meaning ‘moon diamond’ or ‘diamonds and gold’) or ‘Old-style Siamese’ are native pointed cats of Thailand. But these cats are very emotional and if you are looking for a close companion, this is the cat for you!

The elegance…

Short-haired with colourpoint pattern, deep blue eyes and whitish beige body…the Thai Cats are a sight to behold. They have a short flat coat, which is soft and silky. The ears are broad and set high on the head. Thais are available in different point colours and solid points, tortie points or torbie points.

The sweet demeanour…

Like Siamese cats, the beautiful Thai Cats are equally blessed with sweet character. They are quite and sedate, never aggressive. They have a great sense of humour and are active and curious.
Very intelligent, they are extremely devoted to their pet parents. They try to be with them all the time…following them from room to room and accompanying them during executing all home actions. They just want to be a part of the family all the time. They are also friendly with other cats.

The self-cleaners…

Thais are clean cats, they groom themselves perfect. Hence, they are easy to maintain and would require occasional grooming.
Perfect for someone who is looking for a friend for life!