Games your kitty always loves to play

Cats love to play. Here are some simple but playful games to keep their boredom at bay.

Ping pong: You can entertain your kitty with a ping pong ball, which is lightweight. It would be good idea to play in a long hallway where your cat can chase the ball freely to her heart’s content.
Lost & found: Get a rubber ball or a marble to make it lost in a carton. Keep the size of the ball safe so that she cannot swallow it. Let her dig the ball out of the carton to the floor where she can roll upon it to the fullest playful mood.
An empty paper bag: Whenever you empty a grocery paper sack, don’t throw it away. It could be great item for your kitty and keep her occupied.
Light, action! A small flashlight or laser beam moving up and down your room’s wall or across the floor is always exciting to your kitty. Quick or zigzag move of the light gives her a lot of exercise chasing the light. But don’t shine laser beam on her eyes.
Play while working: You can play while doing household chores. Just tie a piece of string around your ankle with an 8-10 inch length of its tailing behind. Whenever you move, it would excite the cat to chase the string. But be careful while stepping back.