Exotic Shorthair – a bundle of Good Look, Sweet Temperament & Easy Deposition


Olga Giro
Exotic Shorthair has a sweet teddy bear look with fur much easier to maintain and groom. Sharing life with this beautiful and affectionate cat is always a bond to remember. Let’s find out more about this amiable exotic breed.
Exotic Shorthairs are termed as ‘Lazy Man’s Persians’ for these breeds were bred to make a perfect pet for pet parents who are looking for the laid back personality. Their short, dense coat is very easy to maintain as against the long flowing coat of the Persians.
How did they originate?
The origin of Exotic Shorthairs unfolded in the early 1960s when some American breeders crossbred Persians in their attempt to strengthen the breeds. But the kittens in the result were unique in appearance, rather different from what the breeders expected. Looks of the kittens were quite appealing to the breeders who eventually decided to call them ‘Exotic Shorthair’.
Adorable sweet expression
Like Persians, Exotic Shorthairs have a short compact body and large round head. Their muzzle is short but broad. Their standard features include the large round eyes, small nose and ears and sweet expression which complete their adorable look. They have a short thick tail, which is carried low. Their coat is short, dense and fluffy.
United colours of rainbow
When it comes to colours, Exotic Shorthairs can be found in many colours. In fact, their colours are of a rainbow with varied patterns. The colours include black, white, cream, blue, Himalayan, tortoiseshell and others with the appropriately matched eye colour.
They win hearts
Exotic Shorthairs are extremely affectionate and they win hearts wherever they go. Like Persians, they are gentle and well-mannered. They love to get attention. They follow you from room to room. They will hug you when you pick them up. They get on well with children and other pets. Exotic Shorthair is indeed a breed who is quite, sweet and peaceful.
Player of all games
Playful Exotic Shorthairs love all types of games like chasing paper balls or playing with a toy. They are a real joy to be around. Their easy-going nature makes them charming. They need less maintenance and simple grooming routine like brushing her coat and wiping the eyes. After all, Exotic Shorthair brings cheer to a household. She is said to be a bundle of good look, sweet temperament and easy disposition.
(Olga Giro runs her cattery My Exotic Furs in New Jersey, specialising in Exotic Shorthairs and sometimes Persians. She can be reached at: www.myexoticfurs.com)