CAT JOYS: The Best Will Be!


Joan Henderson
Companions for a lifetime, cats are simply beyond comparison. A friend, a soulmate, a heartbeat, these curious little beings are by your side giving you love, affection, and warmth and making your world a brighter happier place.

  • Warm our laps and hearts: This warmth is unmatched and better than hot chocolate also.
  •  You are not alone: Become our companion when we need someone to talk to! You are not alone with your feline buddy beside you on the path of life.
  • Happy hormones: Help reduce high blood pressure. Play sessions and happy hormones guaranteed when you’re a pet parent!
  • Cool cat: Bring the winter air inside, nestled in their coats.
  • Arshi and Zeri
    Bonding: Create a kindred feeling with other ‘cat people’.
  • Cat joys: Enjoy cat joys even in the smallest of things like bottle caps, feathers, cat naps and more.
  • Love nature: Make us fall in love with their birdie friends and appreciate the myriad shades of nature.
  •  Meow clock: The best alarm clock to wake up without snooze! Especially if it’s breakfast time.
  •  Cat acts: Cat-ch them display daring breath and be easy with great talent.
  •  Catflix and chill: Cat-tri-bute to living a longer life.
  • Beautiful beauty: Make a windowsill more beautiful.
  •  Catch me if you can: Keep mice on the run.
  •  Indulge & spire: Let us indulge our desires to really spoil someone.
  •  Home is where my cat is: Make our homes feel a lot more cozy and happier!
  •  Cat curious: Remind us that life is mysterious and to stay curious is the best.
  •  Show your care: Purr and pour your heart out and show you care.
  •  Be inspired: Learn the luxurious art of stretching from them and be inspired.
  •  Cat-titude: Tomorrow is always another day! Show us how to lick our wounds and go on.
  •  Cutesy antics: Cutesy antics bring a huge smile and are the perfect mood upliftment therapy.
  •  Beautiful stance: Cat-ch them lounging and making every space beautiful matching their grandeur.For all these cat joys they give us, they never ask anything in return. Least you must shower them with unending love, affection, and care and express your love in every possible way!

(Joan Henderson is all-breed international judge based in Melbourne. She judges cats in various countries including the USA, Bermuda, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippines and
New Zealand).