Enjoy winter hues and no more winter blues! Cat care during winters made easy


Dr Hemant Jain
It is that time of the year when sun soaking becomes super enjoyable, getting out of the cosy bed becomes a task, and pet snuggles become all the more welcome! Glorious winters are here and it is time to take care of your pets a little extra.
Pet parents are becoming more and more conscious about taking care of their pets and being responsible pet parents. Just like seasonal changes affect us humans, they affect your pets as well.
Snuggle your muggle puffs this winter and take care
1. During winters most cats prefer staying indoors. This can become boring. So keep them engaged and with different kinds of toys.
2. During extreme cold conditions, long haired cats like Persians tend to accumulate snow balls in between their foot pads causing pain and even lameness. So check for their paws regularly.
3. Cats have the habit to crawl under the car bonnet to get warmth from the engines. One should always tap the hood before starting the car for the cat to escape and prevent any injuries.
4. Avoid using anti-freeze chemicals like ethylene glycol since cats are attracted to its taste and it may prove to be fatal after its accidental ingestion.
5. Microchip is a must.
6. Maintain a calorie surplus diet like chicken, fish, egg, cat food for your pets in winters.
7. Winter jackets, warm t-shirts and other winter clothing are a good option to protect from cold.
8. Keep your cat indoors in a warm and cosy place. You can get specialised beds and beddings for their comfort.
9. Doors and windows should be closed during winters to avoid direct winds.
10. Try and give them lukewarm water instead of room temperature drinking water.
11. Gently massage your pet to make her feel calm and relaxed.
12. Go easy on grooming and get the right tools. Hard brushes can cause them pain, so avoid using them.
13. Direct access to the litter box, food and water bowl should be made for your pet.
14. Consult your vet and give medicines to reduce pain, good joint movement and for maintaining good overall health.
15. Cat parents, watch out if your cat is not vaccinated or facing more stress, if the immunity is suppressed or the cat is exposed to chilly winter cold. Nothing matches the warmth and love you give to your pet. So make them comfortable and cosy this winter and sneak in for those extra cuddles. (Dr Hemant Jain, MVSc (Surgery), is a dog, cat & bird practitioner who runs Dogs, Cats & Birds Clinic in Nagpur).
Cat Flu
It’s an upper respiratory tract infection in cats. Elderly immunosuppressed cats are more prone to cat flu. It can be fatal because of the symptoms like secondary bacterial infection, pneumonia, dehydration or even due to lack of food. Bordetellabronchispetica infection in cats is responsible to cause coughing.
FCI in association with PETEX INDIA organised Feline Convention in Hyderabad
The Feline Club of India (FCI) in association with PETEX INDIA organised the Feline Convention on 2nd November 2019 at HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad. The convention was part of the activities carried out by FCI for spreading knowledge and awareness regarding cats upkeep, health, breeds etc. among cat parents, breeders, vets and veterinary students. This was the 77th convention of its type conducted by FCI across India.The convention had renowned speakers like Dr Lakshmi Srinivasan, Director, The Animal Care Clinic; Dr KG Umesh, Director, SRA, South East Asia, MARS; Prof Utpal Tatu, IISc and Petbiotech,Bengaluru; Dr Dhananjay Pandit, Vet Affairs Manager, Scientific Remedies; Saquib Pathan, President, FCI and Abdul Mannan, President, Hyderabad Cat Fanciers. The convention pulled a crowd of 200 people comprising cat parents, breeders, doctors and students and cat enthusiasts from Hyderabad.