Fantastic Felines: World’s Amazing Cat Breeds and How They Win Hearts


Dr Ankur Narad
They’re majestic, classy, and super curious. Get mesmerised by feline beauties and their various breeds from across the world and know more about these amazing beings
The always alert Abyssinian
Abyssinian is a cylindrical, short-haired breed with a ‘ticked’ tabby coat like that of squirrels and wild cats in which individual hairs are in different colours—red, ruddy, blue and fawn. Her origin can be traced back to Ethiopia. She is alert, intelligent, very people oriented, and has the charm to train her pet parents to play with her.
The stunning American Bobtail
A medium to large sized rather uncommon breed, the American Bobtail has a stubby bobbed tail which gives her a wild hunting gaze appearance. The breed is available in long and short coat and the coat colours are stunning.
The rainbow-coloured American Curl
Unusually curled back ears from the face towards the centre of the back of the skull are her most unique feature of American Curl. Curls come in two coat lengths. Long coat length is most popular and variants found in every colour of the rainbow. The coats are silky with short hair coat being resilient.
The beautiful American Wirehair
The beauty of American Wirehair is her beautifully crimped hair and whiskers. Because of natural mutation, her hair is so unique. It is believed that the breed has evolved from American Shorthair, so apart from the coat, the two are very similar.
The good looking American Shorthair
American Shorthair has been one of the top 10 most popular pedigreed cats in the USA for over the past few years. The breed is known for her resilient health, good look, quiet disposition and super friendly nature with children. You’d be surprised to know that American Shorthair has more than 80 different colours and pattern combinations on coats.
The graceful Balinese
The Balinese is a semi long-haired variant of the Siamese and named for the graceful dancers of Bali. Initially accepted in four colours and patterns associated with the Siamese, the Javanese Division includes the lynx (tabby) point and tortie point patterns, as well as additional point colours such as red and cream with sapphire blue eyes.
The inquisitive & loving Bengal
Loved for her inquisitive and loving nature, the Bengal cat is most renowned for her richly coloured, highly contrasted coat of vivid spots or distinct marble like patterns. The breed is the only domestic cat with rosettes patterned like Jaguars and Ocelots. Bengal maintains a kitten like energy into her senior years.
The strikingly beautiful Birman
Beautiful Birman is a semi long-haired cat of medium size with a stocky body. She’s a colour pointed cat with four distinctive white feet known as ‘gloves’. The silky long coat and striking blue eyes of the breed make her look like an artist’s dream. She is gentle and playful in nature.
The outgoing & friendly Bombay
This breed is hybrid between a sable Burmese with a black American Shorthair. The result is a medium sized cat with substantial boning and muscle development, a sleek, close lying, glossy black coat and luminous gold to copper eyes. This beauty is an outgoing, friendly breed who has a loving personality and adjustable very well with dogs, other cats and children.
The teddy bear like British Shorthair
Cute, sturdy and plush like a teddy bear – that’s what British Shorthair looks like. Reserved by nature, this quiet cat usually prefers to have all four feet on the ground. While blue is the colour most associated with the breed, ‘Brit’ is also found in a number of other colours and patterns.
(Dr Ankur Narad is from RGCN Pet Clinic, Bhopal; Dr Supriya Shukla is Professor of Vet Pathology, Veterinary College, Mhow; Dr RPS Baghel is Faculty Dean, NDVSU, Adhartal, Jabalpur; Dr MK Mehta is Dean of Veterinary College, Mhow; Dr Nidhi Shrivastava is Assistant Professor of Vet Pathology, Veterinary College, Mhow; and Dr RK Jain is Professor of Animal Nutrition, Veterinary College, Mhow).