Golden Retriever Puppies- Amazing Golden Retrievers


Golden retriever

Amazing Golden Retrievers…

Friendly, kind and well-mannered dogs. They are intelligent and easy to train. Devoted to their pet parents, they are extremely good with children. A Golden Retriever is the most popular assistance dog, due to their detection and working abilities. They are trained for search and rescue, therapy dogs, hearing dogs, guide dogs for the blind, handicap assistance dogs, drug detection, etc. Their eagerness to learn makes them excel in agility too.

Beautiful and playful…

The golden lustrous coat of the Golden Retriever requires regular grooming. Prevention of matting in his dense undercoat is very important. Bred for retrieving waterfowl, the Golden maintains this trait – he loves a good game of fetch, is a natural swimmer and is happiest when he is actively involved with his family.

Mental and physical stimulation a must…

Be his pack leader and keep him occupied and happy. They can live in an apartment provided they have enough space to exercise indoors as well as outdoors.

Health issues…

They gain weight easily, so do not overfeed them. Get the diet chart prepared from your vet. Other problem may include hip dysplasia, skin allergies and congenital eye defects.

Royal Canin launches specialised food for Golden Retriever and Rottweiler

Premium dog food manufacturer, Royal Canin, has made an India-wide launch of dog food, tailor-made for Golden Retreiver and Rottweiler.

Golden Retriever 29 (Junior) is a high-quality food for Golden Retrievers, which helps in osteo-articular reinforcement, targeted digestive safety and strong natural defences. Golden Retriever 25 (Adult) provides weight management, cardiac tone, and enhanced cell defences.

Rottweiler 31 (Junior) helps in joint development support, targeted digestive safety and strong natural defences. Rottweiler 26 (Adult) provides muscle dynamism, joint support and a kibble which encourages him to chew.

They are available at veterinary clinics and pet shops.

A ‘Golden’ diet

Royal Canin offers breed-specific diets, the recently launched being the Golden Retriever 25 and Golden Retriever 29 for your golden breed.

Breed – Specific Diets

Royal Canin is the inventor of breed specific diets, the Breed Health Nutrition range. The Breed Health Nutrition range is formulated with quality nutrients, excellent raw materials and exclusive natural aromas, which the dog detects immediately. The very high digestibility level (more than 90 percent on an average) of the rigorously selected proteins, ensure the best possible assimilation by the body and good intestinal health.

The Breed Health Nutrition range combines scientific knowledge of nutritional precision, Taking into account each breed’s particular sensitivities.

Formulating a unique diet to respond to each breed’s specific needs.