Types of Dogs- Different Kinds of Dogs


Sporting Group- They are active- participate in hunting, field activities, affinity for water and woods. Retreivers, Pointer, Spaniels, etc

Hound Group- Ancestral traits with phenomenal stamina-Afghans Hounds, Pharaoh Hounds, and Beagles etc

Working Group- Perform activities like guarding, water rescue. Doberman, Siberian Husky ,Dane’s etc

Terrier Group- bred to hunt, feisty, energetic- bull terrier, irish terrier etc

Toy Group- tiny stature and are ideal dogs for apartments- Japanese Chin, Papillon etc

Non-Sporting Group- strurdy and are diverse- Lhasa Apso chow chow etc

Herding Group- bred with instincts to monitor movement of animal- Bearded Collie, Old English Sheepdog etc

English Springer Spaniel The showstopper!

One of the world’s best show dogs, English Springer Spaniels are intelligent and fun-loving pooches…eager to be an inseparable part of your family.

Evolved with time

“I have been blessed with many wonderful Springers over the past forty years. My first was perhaps my most special. He was born in 1972 and went home with me when I was just twenty years old. He became my best friend and constant companion, my bed dog, my protector, puppy raiser, and my ticket into the world of the English Springer Spaniel. He finished his Championship at a year old, on my 21st birthday, and went on to be a multiple Best In Show dog and the sire of 66 champions, which made him the top producing black and white sire in the history of the breed. Another world was opened to me in the early 90’s when I sent Am. Ch. Ocoee Raven’s Child to Australia. She was the first ESS female CH ever exported from America to Australia. Sine then, there is no looking back, yes, I am in love with the English Springer Spaniel,” tells Kathy Lorentzen, a well known breeder of English Springer Spaniel.


The English Foxhound

The very name of the breed conjures up visions of strong muscular dogs running over large extent of meadows and down after a fox. It also brings pictures of men on horseback and loudly yodeling “Tally Ho!” when a fox was sighted. But English Foxhounds are much more than that! You need to own one to know their true potential.

I have never been to hunting, so never knew what was in store for me when the first Foxhound came into my life in 2005. That was Glory, a four-month-old pretty girl Foxhound. She immediately decided that she should be the centre of our lives. She had a loud voice and expressed herself very clearly. One day, I took my older dog, a Pointer called Lava, for a walk and left Glory in the garden. And you won’t believe she howled, yelped, cried and brought all the neighbours running, thinking somebody was slowly strangling her! Since then, I never left Glory behind…that’s how she became the centre of our lives.

Glory was a good learner and a teacher too. She taught me that Foxhounds are contrary animals. On a walk, if I pulled the leash to left, she would go right. And if I pulled harder, saying “I am your master, listen to me”, Glory would pull a lot harder and finally lie down on the ground. I learnt quickly and understood that she and all her kin were different. Some people call them stubborn because these people do not understand the Foxhounds are just different. They are scent hounds and their view of the world is through their noses. If we are at kindergarten level in smelling, they are near a Ph.D! A walk is more of a smell-athon, nose to the ground, zig zagging, following a scent trail, which is invisible to us poor human nostrils. They can easily clamber over a five-foot fence and follow their noses.

And sooner than I expected, other Foxhounds came from different parts of the globe. And I was to discover that there are about only another 10 breeders (or so) in the world. That makes it one rare breed. When the American Kennel Club registered several thousand Labrador Retrievers in one year, they registered only a few dozen Foxhounds. The Hunts in UK and other countries have closely guarded this breed and very few specimens have come into private individuals.


Komondors: love you all the way!

Magnificent, fast, agile, beautiful…a Komondor is full of beauty and elegance. His love and loyalty has no limits…he’s a dog with a soul!

Awesome beauties!

King of the Hungarian livestock guarding dogs, the Komondor is one of the most unusual breeds seen in the world. This large muscular dog is covered with dense, white cords. The coat protects the dog against the elements and predators of their homeland, Hungary. Colour of their coat is white, but not always the pure white of a brushed coat (like you would see in the Samoyed breed). A small amount of cream or buff shading is sometimes seen in puppies, but fades with maturity. For the working Komondor, the white coat allows the dog to mingle unnoticed among the sheep while allowing the shepherd to see him at night.

Crowning glory