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Their love for the canine community inspired them to study and analyze the thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns of dogs and design effective dog training techniques that can help dog owners establish better relationship with their dogs. Let us meet some of the renowned dog behavior specialists and dog trainers who have mastered the art of communicating with canines.

“I am often asked how long it takes to become confident and skilled in working with a dog to gain his willing co-operation and the answer is simple, in a heartbeat. The moment we accept that ‘training’ really fails to come into any worthwhile relationship, we have made the most important shift in thinking that we ever can,” says Jan Fennell, a professional dog trainer.

“If we picture ourselves in an enclosure or environment with a wolf, coyote, dingo, gorilla, cheetah, elephant, eagle, dolphin, mustang, sea lion and so on and consider how we would ‘train’ this animal we recognise that this is impossible. Having had the privilege of being very close to many of these species, with no protective barriers or fencing between us, I can assure you that survival is the priority and having listened to and taken advise from those who are familiar with these animals, moving slowly facing the animal without direct eye contact and maintaining total respect for their magnificence, I have not only stayed safe but experience such joy that I cannot express. By giving them no reason to fear me they have all been able to relax in my presence, even showing curiosity and most have either approached me or permitted me to enter into their comfort zone, all of which I recognised as the first steps to friendship and as dogs are ‘man’s best friend’ I can think of no better start,” she adds.

Having said that, if reading a dog’s mind appears to be an impossible task for you, think again. There have been several dog trainers and dog behavior specialists who have successfully mastered the art of communicating with canines and made this seemingly impossible task of reading the minds of dogs possible. They have been relentlessly studying dogs, their way of communication with humans and other dogs, all through their lives. By applying their knowledge gained over years of exhaustive study and practice, they have designed their own dog training techniques to help dog owners understand their dogs better, communicate with them more effectively and establish a better relationship with them.

Let us meet some of these exceptional dog trainers who have gained recognition in this world for their extraordinary connection with canines:

The Dog Whisperer – Barbara Woodhouse

Barbara Woodhouse was a well-known British dog trainer who shared a unique connection with animals right from a very young age. Not just dogs, Barbara had a way with horses too. She would train dogs appearing in movies and in the year 1980, she became popular with her TV show “Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way” on BBC. This show was a televised dog obedience class with the dogs and their owners as students. Barbara’s commanding words in the show like “walkies” and “sit”, quickly became buzzwords among dog-lovers.

Barbara was a firm believer in the ability of dogs to respond to our moods and energies and the ability of dog owners in changing their dog’s behavior by changing their own demeanor. She would say “There are no bad dogs, only inexperienced owners”.

Barbara has helped solve behavioral issues in dogs belonging to Hollywood stars like David Soul, Dorothy Lamour, Britt Ekland and Bill Shatner. She has also written several books based on animals namely her autobiography “Talking to Animals”, her bestselling book “No Bad Dogs the Woodhouse Way” and several other books on dogs. From the time she was a young teenager until her death in the year 1988, Barbara had trained over 17,000 dogs.

The Dogman – Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, a world renowned dog trainer is known for his incredible ability to walk large pack of dogs with ease. Born and brought up in Mexico, Cesar discovered his passion for canines when he was a young teenager. He would always be surrounded by gang of canines for which he was being nicknamed as “El Perrero” by the local people, meaning “The Dogman” in Spanish. Cesar went to America to pursue his dream of becoming the world’s greatest dog trainer. He read books on dog psychology and with his vast experience in handling dogs, Cesar developed his own training techniques to solve behavioral problems in dogs.

Cesar grabbed the national spotlight in the year 2004 with his show “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” on National Geographic Channel. In this show, Cesar visits the homes of dog owners having problematic pooches and without any prior preparation the dog whisperer documents the incredible transformations that occur in the dogs under his calm and assertive guidance. Cesar Millan and his dog training approaches have been covered by The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, CBS-TV, The Oprah Winfrey Show and various other media sources. His clientele includes a veritable who’s who of Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff and several others. With the Cesar’s way magazine and website and books like “How to raise a perfect dog” and “Be the pack leader”, this dog whisperer provides valuable training tips to all dog owners across this world. Cesar also supports the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned dogs with the help of Millan Foundation, that provides financial support to assist non-profit animal welfare organizations and carries out spaying and neutering programs to help reduce dog population.

According to Cesar, a dog’s survival depends on the presence of a strong and organized pack where each member follows the rules laid out by the pack leader. This pack instinct helps dogs maintain a calm and balanced demeanor. Cesar advices dog owners to become this calm and assertive pack leader to prevent their dogs from developing anti-social behavior and various behavioral problems. In his training sessions with the dog owners, he counsels them to train their dogs and look at the world through their dog’s eyes.

The Florida Dog Trainer – Martin Deelay

Martin Deelay is a Florida based dog trainer and writer specializing in the training of hunting dogs especially spaniels and retrievers. Martin has been organizing workshops for dog owners and trainers through his organizations International Gundog Workshops and International School for Dog Trainers. He is the cofounder and director of The International Association of Canine Professionals, an organization committed to maintaining high standard of professional practices among canine professionals. He has written several books on training of gundogs like the “Advanced Gundog Training”, “Working Gundogs” and “Getting it Right with Gundogs”.

The Sirius Dog Trainer – Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar is a highly accomplished dog trainer, veterinarian, and founder of the Sirius Dog Training School. Dr. Dunbar advocates the practice of reward-based, dog-friendly training techniques and stresses on the importance of teaching bite inhibition, socialization and basic household manners to dogs under the age of six months. The reward-based training involves positive reinforcement using rewards like food treats and toys to bolster positive behavior in dogs. By rewarding the dog when he shows a positive behavior, it is possible to encourage dogs to repeat that behavior more often. Dr. Dunbar is a member of American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The International Association of Canine Professionals. He has also written several books on dogs like “How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks”,
“The Good Little Dog Book” and several other books on common behavior problems in dogs.

The Dog Listener – Jan Fennell

Jan Fennell’s lifelong love affair with dogs began during her childhood in London and blossomed when she became a successful breeder, winning prizes at major shows including Cruft’s. Over the last 20 years, her remarkable work with owners and their dogs and her frequent contributions to television and radio have won her a worldwide, admiring audience.

Becoming disillusioned with traditional training methods which involved attempting to teach dogs how to learn our language, or to cooperate through force, Jan was inspired by the methods of Monty Roberts, the “Horse Whisperer”. He had decided to study how horses communicated with each other and use that information to teach horses in a way they would understand. Jan knew these principles could be applied to other animals and if someone could take the time to study dogs (wolves) in their natural environment, the information gathered could be used to communicate with dogs in a way they would easily understand. Her method, “Amichien Bonding” involves teaching owners how interact with their dogs and impart information to them in a way they will understand, resulting in dogs cooperating with their owners through choice rather than coercion.

According to her, the key to creating the relationship that both the dog and the owner really deserve is to see the world through the eyes of the dog, working with its instincts and nature. By teaching, helping and protecting, we are able to communicate with our dogs to guarantee a wonderful future.

Today Jan travels all over the world, along with her son Tony Knight, educating dog owners everywhere in the correct way to live with their pets in peace and harmony. Jan’s method, explained in the international bestseller “The Dog Listener” is not the exclusive realm of professional dog trainers but can be used successfully by absolutely anyone.

The dog whisperer – John Richardson

With over 30+ years of dog training experience, John Richardson is an accredited Behavioural Training Therapist (AAPDT), Temperament Assessor, and Companion Animal Hygienist. He runs workshops and seminars to help RSPCA Inspectors and pound Inspectors to understand how to deal with aggression in some of the dogs they are confronted with. According to him, by following the 3R’s of dog training – Reward, Reinforcement and Reprimand – one can have a well-behaved dog that obeys your every command.

John is frequently interviewed on radio throughout Australia and writes columns for national dog magazines. He has also appeared on ‘The George Negus Show’, ‘A Current Affair’, Bert Newton’s ‘Good Morning Australia’, ‘Pets Behaving Badly’ and regional TV where he has demonstrated on camera his unique understanding and ability to train man’s best friend.

Irrespective of their adopted methods of training, all these dog trainers have played a major role in resolving complicated dog behavior issues and have made a contribution towards establishing a loving and peaceful relationship between countless dogs and their owners. Kudos to all these dog behavior specialists for their commitment towards the welfare of canine community!