Keep Calm and Cat on – The Art of Keeping Your Cat Less Agitated


Joan Henderson
Pet parents who have had cats for several years will understand the best way to take their pets to the vet. But if you’re a new pet parent to a kitty then this article will be helpful for them to understand the ease of visiting the vet.
We are all concerned about our pet’s welfare and reducing their anxiety is of utmost importance. If your cat is unwell or injured, you will most likely need to take her to the vet. But going go the vet can be stressful for your pet. There are certain things you can do to make your pet feel comfortable for the vet visit. It is important to withhold food and water before an examination in case an anesthetic is needed. It is also wise to place your pet in a carry basket for the trip to the vet as this helps to calm her and, if there is an injury, the less handling the better.
Trust your vet for the best
The vet will ask you what the problem is and you should always be clear and concise and give as much detail as you can and be as objective as possible without anticipating the diagnosis. There are various ways to present an agitated cat for examination, depending on the form of the inspection and the state of the animal. In extreme cases the vet may have to give a tranquillizer. In all instances, the vet will handle the cat with your assistance.
Wrap them with warmth and love
You may find that wrapping your cat in a blanket for a short while will help to calm her. Unwrap the blanket gently at the time when the vet wants to examine her. Following the check-up you’ll get to know whether you can take your pet back home or is hospitalization necessary. Whilst home care is generally preferable, sometimes it is best to monitor your pet at the clinic under supervision and this is for their best interest and faster recovery. Keep your cats safe indoors as they are less likely to be injured or attacked by other cats or dogs and they can then live a long and healthy life.
(Joan Henderson is a retired international cat show judge from Melbourne, Australia)