KPS way to rename your pooch


We all know how important a name is to us, same is with your pooch. Here’s how to make the transition smooth for your dog.

  • Fine to rename: It is ok to rename a dog as he may have bitter experiences with his old name.
  • Select a name: Though it is better to select a name which rhymes with his previous name, but you can choose a name that all family members agree on.
  • Bribe him, literally: Whenever you call him with his new name and he looks at you, smile, praise him and give him a treat.
  • Be consistent: For a few days, be consistent with your praise and treats every time he responds.
  • Never use his old name: Do not confuse him by using his old name even if he does not respond with his new name.
  • Be patient: He will soon associate with the new name with good things.

If your pet comes from a loving family, it is best to keep the name he is used to.