Wagging all around with Randeep!


An intensely handsome actor who has begun to draw attention after his impressive performances in movies like  Imtiaz Ali’s Highway, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Jannat 2 and Murder 3, little do people know that Randeep Hooda is not just an intense actor but an equally passionate animal lover. Interestingly, Candy (Randeep’s pariah pet) accompanies him to shooting locations…. And there’s no moment when she is not around as she’s jealous of Randeep’s female friends… especially with a handbag! Read on to unfurl this wonderful tale of poochie-pal.
Randeep’s pets…
Randeep spent early years of his life with his grandmother and always had pet since childhood. The story of how he got his first (own) pet is really
Randeep and Candy
wonderful, he exchanged two-in-one music player for a pet dog with his school security guard. “I was so happy that I got my pet but when I reached home, my nani was terrified, when she realised what I have done,” he disclosed. This is how this pooch-pal companionship started. “Since childhood I had pets, my first pet was a Pomeranian – Duke.”
In addition to acting in films and theatres, Randeep regularly participates professionally in equestrian sports such as polo and show jumping. But for him the biggest relief is to be with his pets as he finds solace in animals. Besides dogs, he also has horses as pets. “I have very meaningful names of my horses and I call them Ranji, Johnny Walker, Simply Supreme, Rommel and Atillay… I can recognise them and so can they,” he said while introducing his five horses.
Guess who’s the most wanted and loved companion in this macho domain… no point for guessing… it’s Candy, a stray dog who is omnipresent. On asking more about having Candy as a pet, Randeep shared with a smile, “I always imagined having a dog follow me around, a big Rottweiler or Doberman called Butch or Don and here I have this white little thing called Candy. That’s what life gives you, be happy with it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have Butch in the future. Right now I’m very happy;
Candy has been my best pal. She was there even on the sets of Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster.”
Candy: God’s gift…
Randeep feels it was God’s plan to gift this bundle of joy to him, “One day while waiting at airport, I saw this sweet little puppy and watched her antics for a while. My parents were with me and I told my mom that if nobody is adopting her I am taking her home. She was amazed while I picked her up and brought her home.” And today Candy and Randeep are best buddies. She rides in his jeep….travels with him to places and accompanies him to stable as well. So, how horses treat our furry angel? “They all are really best buddies and it’s strange to see Candy going gaga with these big macho players. She gets open spaces to play around and she is very good with the horses,” he added.
A well-behaved pooch is a delight…
On asking about the antics, he added, “Candy is a great pooch… she’s well-trained and disciplined. She goes with me on movie sets but has never created any fuss. Interestingly on hearing ‘Action!’ she stands still like a statue.”
“She is really scared of ladies with handbags. She just can’t handle that. I think there might be some bad memory associated with a handbag,” he shared. Randeep feels proud of Candy as she is really obedient and well-behaved furry friend, and he remarked, “Candy is trained so well. She will never jump on sofa or couch. Moreover she won’t sleep or sit in my bed too. So, always train your pooch.”