Yes! Your pooch enjoys Pampering, Perks & Privileges


You must have heard people complaining that they work like dogs or they are living a dog’s life, but have you ever realised the fun that is involved in being a dog and all the perks they enjoy.
The setting –  it’s about to be 8:30 am, you have to leave for work and are rushing in order to be on time. Grabbing the breakfast to stuff in on the way, you look around to check if you have taken everything. That’s when you find your pet dreaming and snoring. Now that’s when you realise the benefit of being a dog.
Here’s a list of all that pooches enjoy in their day-to-day life

  • Be it summer, winter or the rains your pet does not have to worry about getting up and going to work every day. Of course, he also gets up
    Kritika Manchanda
    early in the morning and in some cases the pets get up way before the pet parent but that tension of getting late to school/work, the board meeting worries and most importantly, the stress of traffic jams is only a part of your life and not your pet’s life.
  • You party late at night and the next day you have to go to work or school, but your pet can laze around the entire day.
  • In summers, the fun of splashing water and getting that power nap in the cool breeze of air conditioner and in winters, the fun of being snuggled up in the quilt or lazing around in the afternoon sun, these are some privileges that only your pet is entitled to.
  • And then when they get up, they have the entire family at their service. Be it the walk or food, they are the centre of attention in most pet households. Being pampered by daddy or being cuddled up by mom, all day resting and then playing with the kids the pets certainly enjoy to the fullest.
  • For you, after every Sunday comes a manic Monday, but for your pet every day is Sunday.
  • For them there is no dress code, no suits and bows and no frills and pinks, for them the world is their bathroom and they certainly have no worries about the Rados and the Pradas.
  • No uniform for schools and no tension of completing home works, they can be as lazy as they want and nobody would bother them. Each day is like summer vacation/winter vacation minus the worry of making projects or presentations.
  • The best thing is that they can be mischievous and naughty and then with a puppy look on their face they can melt your heart.
  • The joys of a car ride in the evening and the fun in receiving you at the door with a wagging tail, ask your pet about that happy feeling.
  • The fun in getting all the attention and being the centre of every conversation is best experienced by our pets.
  • No worry of inflation or the percentage increase in the GDP, no concern about the soaring rate of gold or the depreciating value of the Indian Rupee, all they are concerned about are innumerable amount of hugs and they certainly
  • come free of cost.
  • If you forget your best friend’s birthday or your anniversary then I am sure it would cost you huge, but your pet does not have to maintain the calendar with the birthdays and anniversaries marked. All they have to remember is to lick you all the way.
  • Getting a pat or a random kiss to cheer them up and most importantly getting new toys to play with once they are bored of the old ones. Munching on dog biscuits and chewy bones, these are some tastes that only they can experience.
  • The best part is that they don’t need to worry about being in a relationship or handling break ups, for them the biggest heart break is when you ignore them.
  • They will emotionally blackmail you to get their way done and in most cases you would succumb to the look they give and those oh! so innocent eyes.
  • And now think of the time when your pet is unwell, the entire discussion is about them. The visit to the doctor, pampering them a degree greater and making their favourite dishes, these are some of the things that we do to make them feel special. They don’t need red roses with a ‘get well soon’ tag or chocolates, all they demand is that extra love and affection from you.

Only you
But when they get all these advantages including your unconditional love, there are some side effects also that they have to go through. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but they have only you, so you need to pay extra attention to them. Spending quality time with your pets is beneficial for both of you; for you it proves to be a stress buster and a sort of therapy and for them it is like emotional bonding. So, take some time out for your waggy friends and see how that tail wags for
you in happiness and joy.