Strengthening this bond of love… with your time


Facebook, Twitter, screen awards, advertisements… our pooches are everywhere. The recently concluded Golden Collar Awards came as a pleasant surprise – our pooches really deserve to be awarded for their hard work. Whether they are on or off screen, they are true companions… truly a delight for all. Their unconditional love, loyalty, friendship is unmatched… sprinkling magic in every moment. Pooches have thousand different ways to show they care for us – we have few… let’s use them for strengthening this bond of love.

Take care of your pet… his diet, exercise, grooming and of course his health. Oral hygiene is an integral part of his health and make sure your pet is free from dental problems. Brush his teeth regularly and consult your vet if you notice any early symptoms like bad breath, tartar, etc. You are responsible for his hygiene and a little awareness can go a long way ensuring that your pooch leads a happy and healthy life.
Make today special – Go to parks, holidays together, join agility clubs, join pet camps – make it special for both. Visit a dog salon, look at the wide range of grooming services available (I bet you will be surprised there are so many innovative services available), choose the one which suits your dog’s condition… let him indulge in the exhilarating experience, while you sit and relax and watch him enjoying! To make it easier for you, we have listed a few grooming options in this issue, which are sure to tantalize your pooch’s senses.
The idea is to let them know how much we care for them, how much we love them and how important they are for our life – specially by spending quality time with them.
Sparkle wishes you happy sunny days ahead – do take care of all your happy stray friends who just need compassion care from your end.
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Happy reading!