Naughty but awesome Simba!


Simba! That’s what my family and I decided to name him. He is an awesome guy from the day he came home. He gelled with his new home the day he stepped in. Ever since he came home our home is filled with joy and happiness. This is my first paw pet and the journey so far has been so incredibly awesome. Simba goes to school where he gets to socialise with his friends. I make sure Simba meets at least three new friends every week or two. Simba is trained by me and his trainer and listens to almost 30 commands in the form of tricks and obedience. The commands which he follows are: Sit, Down, Rest, Sleep, Roll, Hands Up, Ask, Heel, Turn Left, Turn Right, Speak, Look, Come Here, Stay, Sorry, Shake Hand, Hi-fi, Kiss, Hug, Fetch, Drop, Search, Sing, Attack, Jump, Over, Pull, Salute, Guard, No, Sit Properly and Hunt. He is naughty at the same time. When he is left behind at home, he messes up the place by ripping off the wood from table, bed, doors, windows and piecing up his pillow and bed. He takes away my shoes when I get dressed to go out and dodging against me so that I stay with him. Simba sleeps with me on my bed and wakes me up at 5 am so that I take him to his training school and  also follows me whereever I go and many more stories as such. Simba has many visitors in the neighbourhood who come, meet and spend time with him every day. The funniest part is most of them come and call out Simba’s name at my door instead of mine. Simba has been an important part of my family and my thoughts and concern on him is always in anything we do. Simba is home! Simba is family!