Quite and Quirky Classic Longhair

Recognised by The Feline Club of India (FCI) as Classic Longhair (CLH), but in normal world they are known as Traditional Persian Cat/Doll Face. Tom, my CLH, is blue and white by colour, huge giant by size and he is as timid as rabbit by temperament when it comes to playing with other kittens as young as 45 days old.


Tom is my Alpha male. His nature is to remain quiet in his own world until I enter the room or bring him his favourite treat to relish on. I live with 10 cats at home—four CLHs, two Persians, one Bengal and three Indie Maus—all of them like a different member of the family. Indie Maus are our Indian stray cats recognised by FCI.

Gods by natureTom Unlike Bengals and Indie Maus who have short hair, CLH and Persians require a regular grooming because of their long hair. As the Egyptians say they are Gods by nature and they own you, so they have to be treated, pampered and taken care of like one. I make sure they are being fed on the premium food with some of my home-made recipes and supplements. Cats don’t need walks but they need to be kept active with toys to run and scratch their brains around. They prefer sitting on higher grounds as their wild instincts suggest. Regular vet checkups and vaccinations are a must for them.

First sightTom When I first saw Tom at my friend’s place with his cute tipping of tongue, he was just running to his mother for breast milk ahead of all his siblings. The poor guy was too small to be pushed around. I fell in love with him at the first sight and decided to bring him home as soon as he was ready. And after him there was no stopping for me to make my house a cattery soon, later helping people find happiness in their homes for themselves or for their kids.

Avid traveler
My Tom is a cute and lovable traveler who likes to ride on the bike with me feeling the breeze falling on his face, especially his tongue tipping out a little more than usual that makes him more adorable and gets a few clicks and selfies with girls around.

My passionSnowy My cats are my passion, my first love and my family. When you see them just chilling on the balcony grill or playing around or just coming to you and sitting on your lap to get brushed or patted all your worries would just vanish in the thin air. Their purring is like small baby smiling and giggling in your arms and the happiness has to be just felt from the heart.

Mood catcher
All my cats have been with me since they were kittens. They know my mood when I am sad or upset or happy. Their companion literally gives me the feeling of a hug from a friend telling me everything all be alright, just relax. They have been my best friends in my best or worst moments.

Abdul Aziz Mukadam
(Abdul Aziz Mukadam runs Aziz Felines Cattery at Thane, Maharashtra)