Never abandon!

Abandoning a pet is the most cruel act. It is akin to deserting your loved one on the streets. Here’s a checklist to see if you are indeed a ‘doggy’ person.

Puppy…your child…

Adopting a pet is a crucial decision. But after the initial frenzy is over, the puppy starts getting neglected. Sometimes, he is isolated to lead a chained life at the mercy of servants, which is traumatic for him and he might get ill. Many a time pet parents abandon sick pet on the street. Once pampered little pup, eventually leads to a painful death on the street. Home for Dogs in Achampet, runs by Mission Saromayo, a non-profit organisation, at an average receives one call per day requesting them to adopt pet dog which people wish to abandon for the reason of the world. The organisation agrees to adopt the pet but requests the expenses of foods, etc as the home does not get any grant or aid. People retract from calling any more. What more cruelty they imagine that while purchasing the puppy they do not deter to pay hefty sum to kennels, but on the brink of abandoning they do not wish to pay for their food even. The puppy/dog is abandoned on streets increasing the number of stray dogs in the city.

Checklist before adopting a puppy…

So, before you make this important decision in your life as well as the puppy’s life, think twice. Do not take a puppy:

  • If the entire family, especially elderly people, do not approve of taking a puppy in the family. Forcing a puppy on a non-approving family will bring in family disharmony with ultimate wrath on the puppy.
  • If you have a transferable service which will not allow you to take the pet along with you.
  • Unless you have time to take the pet for walk and to spend some time with him daily and groom him healthy. You also need time to train him for acceptable behaviour.
  • If you consider expenses onyearly vaccination, immunization, sterilisation and treatment is quite high. Treatment of puppy or dog by a veterinarian may run in to thousands of rupees besides taking him daily to the vet.
  • If you are unable to nurse the sick dog and cannot understand his sufferings.
  • If a good arrangement for boarding cannot be made, while you all go to a holiday.

Home for homeless…

Mission Saromayo runs Home for Dogs located at a tranquil vicinity of Achampet in Mehboobnagar, which is 140 km away from Hyderabad city. The organisation provides free comfortable natural accommodation for those abandoned pets as well as those dogs and puppies rescued by good samaritan people. Main objective of Home for Dogs is to give relief to as many as stray and abandoned dogs as possible to make sure no dog in the region lives homeless.

Health check…

Every newcomer to the home is segregated into sick and healthy categories as per the health condition of the dog. After that they will be sent to the respective shelters for administration of vaccines to all. Those sick ones are sent to the medical block for treatment whereas the diseased ones are isolated in isolation ward. Males and females are segregated into 1:3 ratio to make them a compatible group. Such group formation takes around 4-6 weeks, after that they will be introduced in the villages.

Comfort zone…

Home for Dog is designed in such a way that around 500 dogs could be accommodated in 10 dogs per shelter of 100 sq ft covered space and 400 sq ft open space. They have elevated resting place with rags for their comfort. Orientation of shelters allows them to bask adequate morning sunray and continuous south-east breeze.

(R K Roy manages Homes for Dogs which currently accommodates 52 dogs).