BOW WOWs for canine stars!

It’s time for an applause for the artistes in the showbiz…Oscars, Golden Globe Awards, Filmfare Awards, Stardust Awards, etc…we have so many awards to recognise the talent in the film industry. But the canines sometimes go unrecognised… but not anymore… as here comes the Golden Collar Awards. So, who is the best paw star this year? Read on to know more…

Ever since Blair, a Collie, starred as Rover in the 1905 British short silent film Rescued by Rover, dogs have gone on to assume starring roles in some of the film industry’s most memorable movies including Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, The Wizard of Oz, Air Bud and Benji. Now with the creation and presentation of the Golden Collar Awards, canine actors will have their own award to bark about. Bow! All tails up to this wonderful initiative….

It’s Pawrty time!

Recently, the first Annual Golden Collar Awards was announced, for best achievement in Acting by Dogs in Film during 2011. Canine nominees were selected in three categories: Best Dog in a Theatrical Film; Best Dog in a Foreign Film; and Best Dog in a Direct-to-DVD Film. The evening kicked off with red carpet arrivals and private cocktail reception benefiting Los Angeles area dog rescue organisations and shelters. The world famous artiste Simon Tavassoli and his design studio BB Simon in Newport Beach, CA had commissioned to create the Golden Collar Awards.

And the award goes to…

The winners in different categories were: Best Dog in a Theatrical Film-Uggie (The Artist); Best Dog in a Foreign Film-Koko (Red Dog); Best Dog in a Television Series -Bridgitt (Modern Family); Best Dog in a Reality Television Series (a tie) Giggy (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Hercules (Pit Boss); and Best Dog in a Direct to DVD Film-Rowdy (Marley & Me: The Puppy Years). While, Best Dog in a Reality Show was again a tie between Giggy (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Hercules (Pit Boss).

The Golden Collar awards…

The prestigious Golden Collar was given out to the dog who received the greatest number of first place votes from a panel of judges consisting of well-known, dog-loving film critics, writers and entertainment industry executives. Uggie, the trick-performing Jack Russell Terrier starring in silent film The Artist, bagged the maiden Golden Collar Awards and the one person who was pawfectly delighted was Uggie’s trainer, Omar von Muller. He accepted the award – a collar decked with Swarovski crystals, bone-shaped that said: “Uggie and me are friends forever.”

Dress me well!

Uggie, the shining star at the Golden Collar Awards was indeed the scene-stealing canine star at the event. The canine winner trotted down the red carpet sporting an extra set of black and white tails. The tux collar design Rrruffler (as the product is known) is a prototype made especially for Uggie for the first annual Golden Collar Awards produced by Dog News Daily. Rrruffler owner, Susanne Savage, was already working on the tux idea for her new pet products company when she saw The Artist and subsequently a photo of Uggie in a human-sized black bowtie for the Golden Globes.

Kudos to our darling doggies!

Born in 2002, Uggie is a smart Jack Russell Terrier famous for his roles in the movies like Mr Fix It, Water for Elephants, and most recently The Artist. Uggie was rejected by at least his first two pet parents for being too wild. He was about to be sent to a dog pound, but adopted by his trainer Omar Von Muller who is now a proud pet parent of Uggie the Golden Collar Award winner. Omar said that Uggie was quite crazy and very energetic puppy! One of the most important things is that Uggie was not afraid of things and never had fear of lights & noises on sets. Now, Uggie lives in North Hollywood with Von Muller, his wife and their six-year-old daughter. There are seven other dogs in the household all of them work in the film industry.