Meow Message – New Year Resolutions inspired by your cat!

I’ll exercise regularly, I’ll be healthier, I’ll read more – the list continues when we talk about cliché New Year Resolutions. It is time for these to pass and move into 2022 with a lot more sass! Presenting 10 amazing feline inspired resolutions!


Kritika Manchanda

They are queens of sass and know how to prioritise ‘me time’. It’s time as pet parents you learn a thing or two from your kitty and make life ‘paw’some.

1. Feline inspired fresh perspectives
Felines and their perspectives are unmatched. They’re curious and find innovative ways for mischief and comfort. This year and going forward you should try and be inspired by your pet. Be driven by innovation, be it for work, making your relationships better, or solving life problems.

2. Drink more water
As basic and as cliché as it sounds, but you need to up your hydration game! Be like your pet who never forgets to drink water throughout the day in all seasons. It is time you to make a fulltime commitment to your water bottle and develop a ‘deep’ relation.

3. Claws for a cause
You know why your pet loves that scratch post? Because that’s where she gets a chance to bring those claws out, scratch away the layer of sadness, and find happiness and peace. You should do the same (not literally, I mean). Try and go a layer deeper to find the meaning in every situation and know that you need to make an effort to find happiness.

4. Sleep it over
You know when you can’t fight it or win it, what’s the best way? Sleep over it. That’s what our beloved pets do and so should you. Whether it is a random purchase you have the urge to make, a fight you want to pick up because your ego was hurt, or something bothering you – sleep and let it pass. When you get up, think if it is important to lose your peace over it. If yes, go on and fight for it.

5. Stretch and release the stress
The power of a good stretch for the body and mind is unparalleled. I don’t need to explain this, especially if you are a cat pet parent. Adopt the same mantra for yourself this year. Since we’re all mostly working from home, you can take out time for a yoga session or a quick workout to recharge yourself! Also be consistent like your pet and see how stress starts to dwindle slowly but steadily.

6. Self love always
Cats are the biggest advocates of self love. They love their own company and you should learn a little from them. Go out for a coffee date (double mask and vaccinated, please), take yourself shopping, or on a solo trip. Do all that it takes to prove that you are also ‘Team Self Love’ and you’ll see a whole lot of difference in your outlook.

7. Perfection in imperfection
Cats will be cats and that’s why we love them. Their personality and quirks make them vivacious and loveable. Your cat probably thinks she’s perfect just the way she is and looks past all those imperfections. We need to implement the same in our life. Move over body image or how you look and be the best version of yourself. Happy acceptance should be the resolution to go for in 2022.

8. Climb the ladder and conquer
Success can be personal for each one of us! But this year, take inspiration from your cat and just like she climbs the ladder slowly and smartly, you should also do the same. Whether it is the corporate ladder or ladder to being a better person, take one step at a time and don’t look back. You might fall, just like your cat does. But get up, shake those worries and apprehensions, and back at it!

9. Me time matters
Lonely and alone are two different things. Learn from your cat how you can be alone and still enjoy! Taking that ‘me time’ to reflect on situations and to introspect is always a good idea. This year you should also prioritise yourself and set boundaries.
10. Forgive and move on
Rooting for kindness always! But I know sometimes it gets difficult to forgive and forget. We’ll not reach the zen level that our pets have attained, but at least we can try. Forgive, don’t keep grudges, and train your heart to be more kind!