WAHL introduces Super Groom Professional Pet Clipper


A key to maintaining your pet’s health is also following a proper grooming schedule. WAHL brings to you Super Groom Professional Pet Clipper to shower your pets with much needed love. Super Groom is an exceptional Cord/Cordless Professional Pet Clipper which provides unsurpassed cutting performance with the exclusive ‘5-in-1’ Blade.

WAHL Super Groom Blade and Clipper feature cool running and extremely lightweight with no vibration and are sound proof. The Super Groom Professional Pet Clipper is specifically designed to Indian specifications with the Indian plugs and cords and requires neither oil nor grease to run. The clipper is priced at Rs 10,000.

For more information, visit: www.wahlglobal.com/india or write at: info@wahl-india.in