Fantastic five feline fun facts


We all know our kitties are amazing… but here are some facts which would amuse one and all…

  • Lion sneezed out the cat: If a Hebrew legend is to be believed, rats were menace and Noah prayed to the God to protect food from rats. The God answered his wish, made the lion sneeze and out popped the cat – the mouser.
  • The sleepy heads: We all know our kitties love to sleep but have you ever wondered they sleep almost two-thirds of the day, which means if your cat is nine years old, she has been awake for just three years of her life. Now, that’s another thing that the growth hormones of kittens are released only during sleeping. So next time your mommy calls you a sleepy head, you know who the sleepy head is.
  • Cats always get down from a tree backward: Have you ever noticed; whenever a cat climbs down a tree, she climbs backward. It is because all cat’s paws point in one direction, so she has to get down backward.
  • World’s rarest coffee comes from cat’s stomach: Amazing but true, Kopi Luwak, the world’s rarest coffee from Indonesia comes from a wildcat known as Luwak stomach. The cat eats the coffee barriers and coffee beans inside through her stomach, which are then harvested from her stool and then cleaned and roasted.
  • We are neat and cleanest: Kitties love to groom themselves all the time. But the fact is that cats spend nearly one-thirds of their waking hours cleaning themselves.