Thought for toys

Your kitty loves her toys… these are her most prized possessions. You need not to buy her expensive toys every time, even paper bags can keep her entertained.

Just like a child, your kitty loves to play. Here’s how to keep your kitty engaged and happy:

  • Keep an array of toys for your cat but limit her access to a few toys at a time. Rotate them every few days.
  • Toss a balled-up tissue or waxed paper and let your kitty play the ‘catch and kill’ game.
  • Give her a couple of ping-pong balls when she is bathing.
  • The round centres of tissue rolls, tapes, etc make excellent kitty toys.
  • Paper bags without handles and cardboard boxes encourage her curiosity. You will find her exploring them for hours on end.
  • Old cotton socks with catnip or soft material and tied at the end will act as a stimulant for her.
  • Empty clean containers and bottles which can roll on the floor can keep her amused.
  • Do not give her anything which she can swallow as it can be dangerous.
  • Toys without glue-on decorations or trim are fine. In case your kitty loves a toy with some decorations that can be harmful, remove them. Don’t worry if you have an ugly looking toy without eyes or hair – your kitty loves it, so who cares?