Be safe when the sun shines bright


From keeping their pets indoors to providing water all the time to grooming and short haircuts – it is definitely a pleasure to see our pet parents well informed on Do’s and Don’ts in summer time. Here’s what our pet parents from Jaipur share…
“During summer, temperature variance causes hair fall and dermatological problems, so it isn’t a good idea to give dogs frequent baths.However, regular grooming is necessary which helps in removing ticks from the body. Frequent sponge bath and paw cleaning is advisable. We also try to keep Alice, our Cocker Spaniel, indoor as much as we can; this also prevents her from getting dirty.”
– Ananya Solanki
“I keep fresh water for my Tuk Tuk, a Cocker Spaniel all the time. I keep him indoor in a cool place. I take my pet to grooming salon or neem shampooing to cool my Tuk Tuk in the summer heat.”
– Anupama, Indrajit, Sahgun and Shashwat
“Laila (Cocker) and Diana (Golden Retriever) are our two pets. In summers, we give them lots of water and ice and they have a little play pool where they play in daily! We avoid noon walk to keep them safe. We also take them to grooming salon for hygiene.”
– Anvita
“I am blessed with two Pugs (Bruno and Toffee) and one  Labrador (Lindor).  I take them for professional grooming and the groomers really take good care of my pets… I simply follow their instructions and send my pets to them for their regular grooming, brushing, hygiene, etc… During summer, we try and keep all our dogs indoor and give them food and liquids that would keep them cool and relaxed.”
– Dipti Pugalia (lol)!
“Since summer can be harsh for pets, especially dogs, I give light food to my English Cocker Spaniel Zara Soorma. I try to keep her cool and hydrated… and give her things like chaach, cucumbers (she loves them)… and yes take her out for regular walks so that her metabolism remains good.”
– Niti Soorma
“We have two pets – Shadow, a Labrador, and Rugby, a Beagle. To keep our pets safe in summer, we limit their exercising to early morning and evening hours. We always carry water with us to keep our dogs from dehydrating and provide ample shade to protect them from heat during day time, in case they are outdoors. We make sure that our dogs’ fur and nails are regularly trimmed during the summer months and ensure they are free from fleas and ticks using recommended shampoos, drops and brushes. We also avoid crowded summer dog events to keep our pets away from stress and infections.”
– Rahul and Nipun Singhi
“Summer can get really hard for our pets. I take care that there’s water available to Zoey, my Labrador, all the time in order to avoid dehydration.  Moreover, I ensure to take her for a walk early in the morning and late in the evening . This way she’s happy as her feet don’t burn. Also, we take her to groomer for short hair cuts to cool in summer.”
– Shaily Dhiman
“I have four dogs – Mike (Labrador) and three stray dogs. During summers, I keep them  mostly indoor. They get curd at least once a day. Mike goes to his groomer every fortnight and I powder and brush my strays once every week. I also give them one ice cube everyday made of Glucon D mixed in water. Sometimes I also offer them Vanilla ice-cream. All in all, we try to keep our dogs well hydrated during summer.”
–Shreshth Biyani
“Scooby, my Cocker Spaniel, is always kept indoor during the day. I give him a regular trim with a bath  to keep him cool. Dogs like cold water in summer so I always make sure he has fresh water in the bowl.”
–Shruti Gursahaney
“Minnie is an eight-year-old Pomeranian and Shih Tzu mix dog. We always keep her cool in summer by keeping her fur very short. We make sure that she drinks lots of water and we try walking her only when the sun is not so hot. As a precaution, we always carry a bottle of water to keep her safe from dehydration.”
–Sonu and Vijay Nawani
“My pet Troy, a Beagle, is kept indoor. To prevent my dog from heatstroke, I take him for walks during cooler times of the day like early morning and evening hours. I make sure that he drinks lots of cold water and give him more liquid intakes.  His fur and nails are regularly trimmed during the summer months. I avoid taking him out for events in summers.”
–Vivaan Kapoor
(Inputs from Nipun Biyani, a professional groomer in Jaipur)