Miss you Arrow


Kriti and Arrow
Today when I entered home, Arrow you were not there. I felt the vacuum because you are no more. Yesterday you left us but yourmemories will remain in our hearts forever. You have given us 13 most beautiful years of life. It seems yesterday only when we brought you home in April 2001. You were a millennium baby. And my lucky charm too. We brought you from Chandigarh in car. And then your roller coaster ride started with us. Playing football with you, your training sessions for not entering the kitchen, your telescopic view of entire colony from the topmost stair of the terrace, your rushing like wind in the park, your drinking of Roohafza from a glass, your chewing of our slippers, bringing newspaper early in the morning, jumping on the bed to wake us up and what not.
I wish I had a time machine to turn back the time and trying you back in our lives. I know that’s not possible. But your memories will always be cherished by us. And you will always be the apple of our eyes. And the painting on the wall with you sitting under the lamp post will always remind me of you.
–Kriti Kapur, Delhi