A legend named Kalu


One needs not be born as a human to possess a huge empire. Kalu was one living example of how a dog lived the life of a king. Born inside and living in a two acre house (empty group housing society), Kalu had many humans by his side as subjects (guards, rickshaw pullers). He fought many battles with many dogs but lost none. He was not only dreadfully feared by strangers passing by that empty lane, but was equally loved by the ones who knew him. He had no dog territories and wandered far and wide without fear. Even the municipality couldn’t sterilise him because every time they tried he would wake up within a few minutes and they feared over sedating may kill him. In his childhood Kalu loved generously, in his youth he won many dog hearts, in his old age he lived like an ascetic and a saint. He lived his entire life on his own terms making his people and dog subjects do whatever he wanted them to do. His tales are amazing and unending, but our words are very few to describe them. After showering us with his love and loyalty, he left us recently on a fine morning at the age of 15 years 4 months.
Kalu was a bold, loving, faithful and a perfect being who lived a life not less than a human, with pride, honour, dignity and many colours. And in the end he got an honourable departure and farewell, as well as he deserved. For those who knew him well his time on this planet was indeed a legendary example of how to live a life. For those who didn’t, he was just another dog. May the almighty give him space at his feet!
–Rishi Dev, New Delhi