Kelly Dorjee

A model, an actor and a dog-lover… that’s what describes actor Kelly Dorjee, who won many a heart through the Gladrags Manhunt Contest. Here’s more on his pooch love.

Kelly Dorjee, a Bhutanese actor, studied at St Paul’s School, Darjeeling and later St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Kelly got his break into the mainstream through the Gladrags Manhunt Contest. He has acted in various Bollywood movies like Tango Charlie, Fareb, Chocolate, etc and a few Telugu movies as well. A dog lover, Kelly is blessed with a police-trained dog Dungkar. Here’s more on his pet love.

Pets…all along the life…golden r

“I have been surrounded by pets all my life…. At one point we had 16 dogs loafing around our compound…yet my first pet was actually a horse!”, tells Kelly as a matter of fact. But his favourite ones included Dingo – the first Golden Retriever he owned. Kelly also specially remembers, “Dollar the Dalmatian who smiled, Snowy my cat whom I really miss till today. But I would specially mention the dude who guards me every day for these past two years. He is an Alsatian named Dungkar,” he adds.

Special moments…

“Every moment is special with your pets. Sometimes, I get angry with them but regretted it later because they are so pure, innocent and instinctive,” tells Kelly smiling.

Crazy antic…

“I particularly remember Dollar the Dalmatian, who would fart and look at you like you had done it! Then, Dingo had the uncanny knack of bringing home a different female dog every week all throughout the year! He was actually a stud!,” he laughs.

Spending time with Dungkar…

“Dungkar is a loafer who loves to play fetch with his tennis ball. We take an eight km walk or run every morning so he is fit….and he loves playing around with the neighbours’ dogs…. But the moment I show up, he growls at them to make it look like he is doing his job! After I leave, he is back to frolicking with them,” tells amused Kelly.

What he loves about Dungkar…

“Dungkar is police trained and a very sensitive dog….yet he is aggressive if commanded. What I love about him most is his calm demeanor and loving patience around the kids at home,” tells Kelly.

What Dungkar likes about Kelly…

“He loves that I like to play fetch with him and I think he really loves the random treats he gets…,” tells Kelly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Vacationing with pets…

“When we were staying in India, we take our pets to Goa and Corbett Tiger Reserve. But in Bhutan, where I now live, life is a vacation so the pets are happy,” tells Kelly.

Taking care of Dungkar…

“Dungkar is a low-maintenance dog! An egg every other morning to shine his coat up and a hose down occasionally…. But brushing is important…other dogs see the roughness in him and fear him a little,” jokes Kelly.

On responsible pet parenting…

“Unless you are competing, don’t overdo it. Watch out for ticks and don’t ignore behaviour changes…it could mean they are sick!” concludes the responsible pet parent Kelly Dorjee.


  • Favourite activities together: Fetch and goal keeper.
  • Annoying habits: Dungkar is perfect!
  • Qualities you love: Calm, I don’t need to speak much to him…he is so intuitive and is always doing the right thing.
  • Funny antics: He is a loafer who pretends to be doing his job when I show up.