Celebrating Eternal & Timeless love…


HEARTFELT HAPPINESS TO ALL – our team is jumping, sniffing, prancing with joy – as you hold our 10th Anniversary Edition. “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.” –Lao Tzu, each edition of Dogs & Pups has been bought out with passion to empower you to do the right ‘practice’ for your pet. It has been a fascinating journey of celebrating LOVE, which is unconditional, eternal & timeless. The very soul/core of our magazine is PROMOTING RESPONSIBLE PET PARENTING and it has been overwhelming to see that we share the views with so many like-minded people. Cheers to all- and hoping to see happy wagging tails, not just at our homes but also on the streets- happy.

Our Heroes Our Dogs – with their abundant Love, Loyalty, Intelligence, Friendship, Bonding, Bravery, Sensitivity, Adaptability… have made an incredible mark in our heart and soul. Dogs, through time, have enriched our lives, connecting with people in different centuries, countries and people of all ages. This friendship, so true, has surely withstood with excellence- the test of time and passed with flying colours. Dating- may be 12,000 years back or more when dogs initially settled with humans, where in they would alert people to any intruder entering the camps- because of their astute smelling powers. In return they too benefitted with a safe environment and food.
Dogs have had an important role to play in various cultures and mythologies. There is a depiction of dogs in various cultures- some being- Greek, Hindu and Chinese. We sure have come a long way- they have not only been companion to the elite but  they have also  performed and excelled in innumerable activities – protection, herding, search & rescue, hunting, assisting, companionship, etc. Currently they share our home and hearts- by giving us Unconditional Love. No wonder they have been christened as ‘Man’s Best Friend’.
Hope you enjoy reading 10 Essential Life-Saving Commands, 10 Crucial FIRST AID Ways to Save Your Pet’s Life and 10 Amazing Facts About Lovable Pooches! Come sniff important information on our website (www.dogsandpupsmagazine.com) and join us on facebook (www.facebook.com/Dogsandpupsmag) for some fun and gifts.
Every issue is dedicated to this bond of love. Sparkle and the team wish your furry friends and you Happiness. Let’s celebrate this bond so true.