KPS way of back-up plan for your dog’s future


Life is uncertain and as a responsible pet parent, you can create a back-up plan for your pooch’s future, in case something untoward happens. Here’s how to do it.

  • Emergency caretakers: Identify at least two friends/relatives who can take care of your pooch in case of emergency. Provide them complete information about your pet – his diet, his vet’s number, any health issues, care instructions, etc.
  • Involve the neighbours: Give the names and contact numbers of the emergency caretakers to your neighbours.
  • Emergency notes: Stick some emergency notices on your doors or windows so that the rescue people know if there are pets inside the house, who need to be saved in case of fire or any other mishap.
  • Draw up your will: Set aside a reasonable amount for your pooch care and pet parenting.
  • Find a pet adoption centre: In case nobody is willing to take your pooch’s responsibility, find a pet adoption centre you trust and include its name in your will.