Are you ready for a pooch?


If you are planning to bring a pooch home, pause and think – are you really ready for a pooch? Here’s KPS way of knowing whether you are ready to bring that cuddly little one home:

  • Reason for getting one: Think of the reason for getting a dog home – is it just because your child wants or it is the latest fad? Bring a dog only if you are looking for a companion, a buddy, a loving and lovable being.
  • Does every member of your family want a pet? Pet parenting is not task of a single member of your family who is close to the pet. Everyone in the family must be willing and responsible to take care of the pet’s feeding, grooming, plays, exercise, vet visit, etc.
  • Check your routine: Before bringing a dog, look at your routine. Does your work keep you out for most of the day? If so, you have to think of how to take care of his feeding, walk, grooming, playing, etc. Once you have an arrangement in place, go on.
  • Patience is the keyword: Keeping a dog needs a lot of patience, specially while housebreaking, training, etc.
  • Take care of finances too: Keeping a pooch is a responsibility and you need proper diet, nutrition and veterinary care too.
  • Do your homework: Before bringing home a dog, do your homework first – check which breed would best suit your lifestyle and preferences.