Caring for the Claws!!!


Cats have a tremendous drive to knead with or without their claws. This kneading is largely benign and sometimes results in slight wear to your furniture. But you can trim your kitty’s claws to reduce the effect.

Clip your kitty’s claws

You can clip you kitty’s claws to keep them in proper shape. To do so, follow the steps:

  • You can get fancy claw clippers, or just use human style nail clippers.
  • Choose a time when your kitten is asleep or nearly asleep, generally in the late afternoon.
  • Choose excellent lighting.
  • Gently press the cat’s toe pads to reveal sharp claws in need of a trim. Notice the pink tissue (the quick) on the inside of the claw.
  • Avoid the quick when you trim the claw as cutting into it will cause pain and bleeding.
  • Remove the sharp tip below the quick (away from the toe), clipping about halfway between the end of the quick and the tip of claw.
  • Always reward the kitty after, with words and treats.

Bonus tip: The cat’s claw is flattish, and nail clippers would need to be held sideways to respect the direction of flatness.

(Kit Humphrey, featured columnist of Cats & Kittens, is a retired physician from Siberian Gatos Cattery in the US)