When Love Flies Away!


Lucy is not allowed in the family room, Tiger has to spend most of his time in the balcony and there is nobody to talk to poor Coco. Bubbles once adopted by the family now only spends her time in the guard room at the gate. They are not abandoned street or stray dogs….they are pets of people like you and me. Read on…
Kritika Manchanda
People sometimes adopt pup thinking, “Oh! How adorable?” or “My children want one” or simply because the particular breed is exotic as a ‘status symbol’. Little do they realise that a dog requires hard work and tremendous amount of patience and time. Once the ‘honeymoon period’ with the pup is over, the pup is neglected terribly or abandoned!
A family in Delhi got a Labrador puppy and were very happy to welcome the new member into their lives. They shared the pictures with their friends and family, until their relative got a Beagle. They suddenly thought that their dog is inferior and they wanted to get rid of him and get a more expensive breed. A dog is not an object…he is not a status symbol; by doing this, they are playing with a life and the emotions of that pup.
Just asking the house help to put food in your pet’s bowl two times a day does not complete your responsibility. If you have taken the responsibility to make them a part of your life, then make sure you take that responsibility fully at each and every step.
It is a common sight today that pets are taken to the veterinarian/walks/groomer by the house help. My question is why did you get a dog if you didn’t want to spend quality time with him?
Your dog your commitment for life
A pup is a family member and requires undivided attention, so make sure you are ready to give that love, care, affection and attention and only then get a puppy.
Analyse: Do you really need a pup? A pup requires lot of time, practice, love, care, money, etc. In fact, a lot of people adopt dogs because their children/they find them cute but when they get exposed to the hard work and naughty antics that come with a pup they immediately look for re-homing them or some simply abandon them.
Get the pup for the right reason: Getting a puppy just because your friend or a relative has got a new one should not be the case. Also, do not go for a breed which is popular due to some Bollywood or Hollywood movie or advertisement. Select a breed that suits your home, environment and weather conditions.
Love your pet: When you get a pet, love them. Make them a part of your family.
Take care of their needs I have seen a case where a dog was not bathed for more than 10 months. When I pointed it out, they sent their dog to the spa with the driver just to show that how much they care! If they would have cared, the poor dog would have been well groomed.
Health is prime: Like any another family member of yours, your pet should also be taken for their general health check-ups and vaccines regularly.
Season: According to seasonal change take care of your dog’s needs and requirements. Make sure they keep cool in summers and warm in winters.
Clean water at all times: Provide them with clean drinking water all the time.
Place for a nap: Give them a proper bed, with extra bedding in winters.
Talk to your pet: I have seen people who never talk to their dog, never give them a pat on their back and the weirdest of all, don’t touch them. How can you live without talking to them, giving them a warm hug on a cold lazy morning or for that matter without sharing the pleasure of a walk with them on a cool breezy evening? You have your work, your entertainment and your routine but they have only you, so spare some time and talk to your pet. See how it gets a smile on your face and a sparkle in their eyes.
Let them roam free: A dog’s place is in the house – everywhere and your heart. Imagine spending the afternoon in the open in the summer months or facing the December winds at night, you are compelling your dog to do all these things. It is a common sight to see dogs in the balcony, the outhouse or the parking, which according to me is ‘inhumane’. Apart from the security that the dog provides, it is the emotional bond that is heart warming and simply priceless.
Track of their health details: Some pet parents don’t keep a track of the vaccines and the regular health check- ups of their pets. Health details of their general health check-up records should be maintained properly.
Play with them: If there are people who pamper their dogs and consider them their family, there are some who would never accept a dog to be a part of their family. It is a good idea to maintain hygiene but not at the cost of sacrificing the happiness of your beloved pet. Play with them, talk to them and have fun in splashing water, see the bond strengthen and the love deepen. You can of course wash your hands post the play session, after all why are antiseptic soaps made?
Indulge in sweet nothings: It is righty said, “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” – Ben Williams. Indulge in the small happiness and joy that you share with your pet each day to make life a beautiful experience. It’s criminal that some people don’t allow.
So, indulge in a game of ‘FETCH’ and then in a warm cuddle up session with your pet today and I am sure you would love to do it day after day…