KPS guide to prepare your home for a pooch


Once you have decided to bring home a pup, it’s time to make your family and home ready for the tailwagger. Here’s how…

  • Get the essentials: If you wish to crate train your pooch, bring a crate as per his size. Also, get all the essentials ready like his food and drinking bowls, leash, bed and bedding, ID tag, etc.
  • Determine his ‘own’ place: Find a corner in the house which your pet can claim as his own. This is where he can lie undisturbed but under supervision. Designate this area as your pet’s place.
  • Dog-proof the house: Get down on all fours and check all the potential dangers. Tape loose electrical chords, store chemicals and detergents away from their reach, fence garden, etc.
  • Create a list of dog commands: One important principle of training is do not confuse your dog. So, create a list of dog commands you would like to use and let all the family members understand them.
  • Make him a family dog: Let each member of the family understand the responsibility of keeping a dog. Divide their duties to avoid your pet being a one man’s dog.