Keeping “Paw-mate” Content & Comfortable!


Senthil Kumar
A pup is a commitment for life.
Space is vital, so you choose the breed as per the space available, advices Senthil who further mentions that first time pet parents must always ask to see the pup with the mother and littermates. “This way you get to know the hygiene factor and if ethical breeding standards are followed. Follow your heart to find your PAW-MATE,” he adds.
Know your pup
“Your pup should be KCI registered. Learn about the Pedigree. You should also consider to adopt Indian breeds or abandoned pets,” advices Senthil Kumar. The pup should spend adequate time with the mother who teaches him skills. According to him, once you have brought the pup home, it is important to give him a friendly atmosphere. He can be depressed due to separation anxiety. With patience and love show him your care and teach him to do the right things. Give the puppy a good name as early as possible.
Dr Naveen Pandey
Pawfect homecoming
Bringing home a new puppy, playing with him brings some unparalleled joy and excitement. But Dr Naveen Pandey says, “At the same time, it can be most horrifying experience if you are not adequately prepared, both mentally and physically.” He adds, “If you are having a new puppy, prepare yourself to have few weeks of interrupted sleep pattern.”
Where should your puppy sleep the first night?
“Of course in your bedroom! Your puppy is in a new unfamiliar place, and he was taken from his mother and siblings; he is suffering from separation anxiety. Your bedroom is the best place for the first night,” says Dr Naveen. He however restricts, “Do not let him sleep in your bed. If you wish to keep your puppy in another room, you can do so, with some music and fan on as the sound may help him to soothe and relax. Your puppy’s sleeping quarters should be in a small crate/dog bed.”
Bipin S Parmar
Welcome to the first night
Bipin S Parmar says it’s better to bring home the puppy in the day time. “Take all the feeding and other advice from the breeder, get the pup examined by your vet. Also, take a towel when you collect your puppy. Rub it on the mother and littermates so that you can bring home some of their scent on the towel to help familiarise the puppy’s new environment.”
“It is important to introduce the puppy to his bed as soon as he arrives in the new home and to insist that the bed is where he sleeps. Make sure the dog uses the bed,” says Bipin adding that young puppies will surely miss their littermates and mother. So, he advices to comfort him with some chew bones, a ticking clock, hot water bottle and keep away all harmful objects like electrical cords, garden medicines, etc.
How to manage Fido’s overnight potty trip?
“First couple of nights you might consider putting newspapers. Then if you maintain a potty schedule for your pup, it will be easier for you to predict the furry kid’s potty timing. Always be consistent and never be into variations while maintaining the schedule,” suggests Dr Naveen. He further explains, “Pet parents must be consistent to take the pup through the same door while heading to the potty spot. Always feed him two hours before nap and take him to the designated spot to poop.”
Dr Tridib Kakoty
Let him feel at home
Your pup is home, the ordeal and suffering of the little fellow of being uprooted from familiar surroundings is now over. Now let him feel comfortable in his new surroundings. “Hold the pup gently and close to your body for some time, giving him warmth, affection and a sense of safety and security. Talk to him gently in soft tones and let him get used to the sound of your voice. Animals can sense our feelings and state of mind, so let him feel the love flow from you,” explains Dr Tridib Kakoty.
Feed him cautiously
Keep the food and feeding timings constant – take your vet’s advice on nutrition requirement. According to Dr Tridib, a bowl of fresh water must be always available. “If you have children in the house, teach them to talk softly and don’t allow them to handle the pup on the first day though it is certainly a very difficult proposition. At the most just teach them to gently stroke or pat the new one and that too under the adults’ supervision. He advices, “When the pup is sleeping do ensure the pup is not disturbed and he gets his adequate rest. This hard work and patience will give you a lifetime of Magical Memories.”
(With inputs from Dr Naveen Pandey, a freelance writer and vet, headed DGAS, a dog centric hospital in Darjeeling and worked as senior vet at Help In Suffering, Jaipur. Currently, he is working as veterinary consultant for The Corbett Foundation, guiding veterinary work in Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Kaziranga and Kutch; Dr Tridib Kakoty, MVSc in surgery and radiology from College of Veterinary Sciences, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati. He is currently proprietor and practicing since 1996 at Animal Concern, Lumdiengsoh, Motinagar, Shillong, Meghalaya; Senthil Kumar, Shekas Dogs International in Chennai where all kinds of dog training facilities are available; and Bipin S Parmar, dog trainer/show handler at Axiom Kennel/Pets Shop, Ahmedabad).