Jan Feb 2011


Long-hair Burmilla Truly affectionate

The silvery Long-hair Burmilla kitties are easy going cats who are happy to sit and watch most of the time. However, when it is time to play, their eyes light up and are on the go…

When letting go is the best thing you can do…

When the suffering is too much and there is no cure…letting go is the best we can do for them.

Ask the Expert..

Dr KG Umesh (MVSc, MSc (UK)) is a Postgraduate in Clinical Medicine. He is working for WALTHAM as Regional Associate for South Asia.

Good idea to keep a cat and a dog together?

‘They fight like cats and dogs’ – the age old expression always had us believe that no two animals could be fiercer enemies of one another. But what if you are smitten by both a dog and a cat and just can’t stay away from both?

Keeping your Kitty in good health

Our kitties can also have problems like constipation or some urinary problems. Here’s how to help him out.

Caring for the Claws!!!

Cats have a tremendous drive to knead with or without their claws. This kneading is largely benign and sometimes results in slight wear to your furniture. But you can trim your kitty’s claws to reduce the effect.

› Collars, tag: your cat’s safety net

If your cat gets lost, an identification tag can help bring him home.

Is your kitty suffering from Separation anxiety

Do you often come home to shredded couch and tattered cushions? Do you find your kitty going berserk when you are about to leave home? Does your feline friend greet you with frantic joy when you return home after a long day at work? If you have been observing these and many other signs in your feline friend, don’t take the matter lightly. Your kitty could be suffering from what is known as the separation anxiety. Here’s how to handle it.