Must Haves for your pooch!


This festive time, pamper your tail wagger with these ‘must haves’.
Love the leash
While choosing a leash, it is essential to keep in mind the breed and size of your dog. Smaller breeds should have a lighter weight leash as compared to the bigger breeds. Wide strong leashes are better and are easier to restrain bigger dogs. Quality and safety should not be compromised upon.
Best fit for collar
The perfect dog collar is one wherein the space between your dog’s neck and the collar is about two fingers wide. Smaller breeds and for puppies who have delicate necks, a nylon collar is recommended more than a metal one. Never use shock or pronged collars.
Thought for the food bowl
There are many varieties to choose from that include ceramic or stainless steel dishes, plastic and even glass bowls. The least expensive options are plastic bowls; however, they have a high probability of harboring bacteria and residue, especially in dented or scratched areas on the surface.
Toys…not just play things
Look for fun, challenging and safe toys. Ensure the toys cannot be pulled apart easily thus making them safe. These toys can be categorised into chew toys that satisfy the need to gnaw, like hard rubber toys and stuffed animals that provide comfort to dogs; fetching toys, like balls and flying discs; rope and tug toys, which help to floss teeth and critical thinking toys, like treat-dispensing devices.
Exercise for the teeth
Coming home to gnawed sofas, footwear and clothes is a sight that most pet parents have experienced. However to reduce the chances of your personal belongings and upholstery to be torn down, invest in a good quality dog chew.
Love my T-shirt
Fond of sports? Get your dog a tee that features your favourite player’s number as a print, or the team’s colours. Remember, nothing too heavy, especially in warm weather.
Accessories with jewels
When it comes to jewellery, it isn’t the same for pets as it would be for their human relatives. If you like a little bit of sparkle you can have your pet’s name on his/her nametag engraved on the front and surrounded in modest crystals.
(Pooja Advani is the founder and owner of It’s a Doggiie Dog World, a leading one stop pet wellness destination in Mumbai. She is a certified groomer, dog trainer, K9 behaviourist, hydro therapist and quantum touch practitioner).