Excellent 8!


Excellent to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Dogs & Pups, the magazine committed to responsible pet parenting. The number 8 itself is mystical – in Hinduism, it is the number of abundance… In Islam, eight angels carry the holy throne of Allah in heaven while in Christianity, they believe in the spiritual Eighth day! Even in Chinese culture, number eight is considered auspicious.

But we believe that the number 8 is special for its visual appeal as well, it looks like upright infinity symbol…which means that we would continue to share infinite tales of pooch love, spread the message of responsible pet parenting and celebrate the infinite human-pooch bond.
Undoubtedly, the journey has been phenomenal…we have been touched by the paw-tales shared by readers from time to time…some have been hilarious or inspiring while a few have been really sad…but each tale has shown the love we have for our pooches and their unconditional love for us. We have started a new column ‘Inspiring Tails’ wherein readers can share the inspirations they derive from their pooches…yes our pooches teach us some important life lessons.
Pet parenting is an art and a science…there’s no room for the myths surrounding it. We have consulted a few specialists and listed out the myths and facts surrounding some important aspects of pooch care – health, training, breeding and grooming.
We have always tried our best to bring in like-minded readers and pooch lovers to help make this magazine the best in the industry. Your feedback is significant and has helped us bring the right kind of information you need, mixed with all the features that make the magazine an interesting read.
Sparkle comes to office daily and he has been a noteworthy part of our journey. He ensures quality, converting even the non-dog lover staffs into dog lovers with his innocent look and lovable anecdotes… pooch love is infectious…and dog lovers would definitely agree!
Happy reading!
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