Bark away the monsoon blues!

When it rains, it pours… it is the time when dogs require extra care. Here’s how to keep the monsoon blues away.

Grooming for health…

  • Keep their ears clean by using medicated wipes wrapped on your finger and do it gently. Wax flares up during more humidity.
  • Teeth need to be kept clean but if brushing is not possible, try rubbing the gums and teeth with a soft cloth. You can also feed him chew sticks that help clean plaque. Else, try mouth fresheners and dog treats.
  • For ticks and fleas, consult your vet and use a flea-control formula.
  • Keep their chin, face, mouth, tummy, legs and paws clean during the rainy season, as water stays longer in these areas.
  • Brush their coat twice a day.

Keeping skin problems at bay…

  • Trim the fur, especially around the tummy region as this area gets dirtier than the other parts during walks. Always sponge the face, tummy, legs and clean the paws after every walk.
  • Avoid mosquito coils and air fresheners, keep bathroom doors closed.
  • Bath time is important too, but please do dry your pet after a bath, just walking him is not enough. The six-inch-long hair does not allow the skin below to dry. Towel it, and then dry it with a hair dryer.
  • The Demodectitis is caused due to change in humidity and so does scabies when bath is given improperly.

Diet & water…

  • It is very important to check the food that you feed your dog. Always feed them nutritionally-balanced food available in the market. For the dogs suffering from gastro and skin problems, use special diet formulas in dog foods.
  • Avoid raw food stuffs.
  • Ensure that their drinking water is clean and in clean bowls. During rains, ground worms and other small insects find their way into the bowls. So, please see their bowls are clean.

General care…

  • De-worm every two or three months.
  • Vacuum your homes throughout the year meticulously.
  • Clean your pet before allowing them onto carpets because they can easily become the hub of diseases for dogs and humans alike.
  • Always clean their straps, muzzles and leashes by soaking them in hot water with soap, Dettol, and anti-fungal for dogs available in the market.
  • Do wash all dog beds and clothes in anti-fungal solution after every season.
  • Change the towels every six months.

(With inputs from Dr Avinash L Shedge BVSc & AH, Mumbai)

Groomer’s tip

During monsoon, irrespective of how many times you bathe your dog, he is bound to get dirty and muddy due to the rains. Also the rains result in a lot of dampness in the paws.
It is not practical to cons tantly bathe your dog, hence use a bat h replacement spray or dry powder to clean him up. Also, wipe his feet post a walk and use the drier to dry out the paws completely. Dampness could lead to fungal and bacterial growth which is harmful for your dog.
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