Excitement & Exuberance – Each Day and Every Day!


What amazes me is how Sparkle greets us ‘Good-Morning’ everyday – so much excitement and exuberance every morning. He rushes up to me and Suhaan (my son) as if saying ‘WHERE WERE YOU? I have missed you so much and am meeting you after so long’. The feeling is so special when I see my Springer spring to us, cuddle and sniff us awake. Both me and Suhaan really look forward to this. In fact, if Sparkle is somewhere in the house, one of our favourite moments is to watch him running to us when we call out for him. It’s as if ‘Wait for me – I don’t want to miss the morning ritual!’ The body language, fur, eyes, smile – all so happy, he actually leaves us “Sparklebound”. What also surprises me is how he takes up his daily activities with so much of enthusiasm and fervour.


The same I have noticed with our Pariah friends – every morning starts with ZEST. It’s most heart warming when Sparkle and I are followed by the friends, who adore us! I thought may be the crux is our darling furry friends do everything in the moment. They are there and nowhere else. They do everything they want to do with so much passion, energy, enthusiasm, concentration, persistence – leaving no stone unturned – and that is the key to their contented & successful lifestyles.


So as always, we commit to Happy Responsible Pet Parenting by learning and doing the right practise. We need to do simple things like focusing on their daily needs and requirements – the most important one is also to spend quality time with YOU – getting that belly rub which most of them love! It is important to note – your pet is your family member, so they are not destined to be secluded or shut in one part of your home. Also your pet needs to be free and never chained. I read a very interesting line, “A chained dog is like a chained soul.” So, always ensure they have the freedom which is their right!
Another important aspect is to respect their feelings. They feel happy, sad, they get jealous, they miss – their feelings are SO PURE in every sense. Enjoy them, cherish them each day and every day!


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Our Team with our pack leader Sparkle wish you a Funtastic, Fulfilling & Fabulous 2015. Here’s to Health, Happiness and everything which makes your Heart Happy & more…!