Unmasking of Zorro!


I never completely believed in the general notion ‘A Dog is Man’s Best Friend’. But Zorro’s presence in my life made me believe and gave testament to this statement. He is three and a half years old and really adorable. Zorro likes my father the most out of anyone else in our family and he loves going out for walks with father. He also likes car errands and whenever he sees our car, he goes and stands near the car door, expecting someone to open it for him to get inside.
Zorro, our naughty little Pug, loves fetching stones instead of playing with a ball. He makes it a point to get a stone every night during his walk with my parents. We have so many stones at home now and since my bed is low, I often wake up to see a stone lying between my legs and a very sweet expression on his face, his eyes with a spark of mischief and his little tail wagging wildly.
Zorro is very cute and he loves eating – his favourite being fruits like papaya, watermelon and mango. He is also fond of vegetables and like every other dog – chicken. Our entire family love Zorro very much and I can never imagine my life without this little dog who made himself such a necessity in my life.