Ask the Expert.. July Aug 2012

Dr KG Umesh (MVSc, MSc (UK)) is a Postgraduate in Clinical Medicine. He is working for WALTHAM as Regional Associate for South Asia.

Q: My five-year-old Persian cat is having hard stool; he sometimes passes stool after 2-3 days. We give him a mix of home and cat food (dry). Is he suffering from constipation?
– Hari, Vadodara

Dr KG Umesh: Constipation is a frequent sign of large intestine problem in cats. Constipation can result from simple causes like bone, hair ball, and lack of exercise or old age. Other causes include injury to pelvis or motility disorders, mega colon (dilated intestine) or problem with nerves controlling intestine. Administration of safe laxative is usually sufficient to take care of simple problems. However, if constipation continues and cat shows signs of pain or discomfort, then vet attention should be sought. Mix of home and dry manufactured food may not meet your cat’s requirements. Feed complete pet food from a reputed pet food manufacturer.