Fluffy – you are a real hero!


Last summer, we got all the dogs of our colony sterilised with the help of Friendicoes SECA. But one female dog was left and in 2014 winter, she delivered three pups. Two pups died in a road accident while the sole survivor is a white pawed, black coloured pup. We call this pooch Fluffy. Fluffy truly is the fluffiest one I have ever touched in my life. He has become the apple of everyone’s eyes. This little one has managed to survive in Delhi’s chilling weather as well. We all have a lesson to be learnt from him as he never annoys about any of his problems. He is always in a joyful mood and ready to shower unconditional love upon every other person of the colony. He is also favourite of the ragpickers of our colony who ensure that he gets at least one proper meal in a day. He deserves applause for being a true example of ‘survival of the fittest’.
Let’s take care of our strays and give them the love and care they deserve.

–Kriti Kapur, Delhi