Feline divinity at Hyderabad dargah

Cats have more reasons to be popular than just as pets around our households. Dargah-E-Shareef Hazarath Sayed Suleiman Baba in Hyderabad is a place where devotees offer them milk. Let’s see why!

As though they have been invited, a clowder of cats gathers every Thursday at Dargah-E-Shareef Hazarath Sayed Suleiman Baba in Hyderabad to have a kind of holy feast of milk. Devotees visiting this 600-year-old dargah, located at Suleiman Nagar, offer milk to the cats when their wishes are fulfilled. But many devotees simply feed the feline troupe for their unconditional love of cats.
Unique clowder…
Regular visitors to Dargah-E-Shareef Hazarath Sayed Suleiman Baba are familiar with the feline troupe residing at this serene holy place. They even give them names in accordance with their features or coat colour patterns. Some popular names like Safedi (because the kitty has snow white fur) and Cheetenwali (as per the sprayed black dots all over the body) are common buddies among the feline crowd.
Baba’s care…
It is believed that the generations of cats living in this dargah are the offspring of the ones groomed and cared by Syed Suleiman Baba who lived around six centuries ago. The baba having a miraculous healing power loved cats. Even today many childless women visiting Dargah-E-Shareef Hazarath Sayed Suleiman Baba pray for babies and prosperity. And the people living in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas believe that the holiness dargah can drive evil forces away.
Historical legend…
The childless women visiting the dargah believe that their offers to the feline troupe will in return bless them with the animal’s fertility and devoted motherhood. The women also trust the fact that cats are protector of home as they chase away pests that destroy foods. A historical tale mentions Prophet Mohammed’s love for his cat named Muezza for whom the prophet once cut off the sleeve of his robe where the cat was sleeping because he didn’t want to disturb the pet when he had to move out to attend a prayer.