WAHL natural shampoos offer fresh approach to ‘grooming’ problem


WAHL has welcoming news for the millions of pet parents who bathe their pets. The company that helped shape the pet grooming products industry several decades ago is launching a full line of natural pet shampoos that, in addition to supporting demand for natural products, also addresses growing concerns of pet parents everywhere. Pet parents have raised the red flag in recent years over the chemicals used in pet shampoos. Realising the need, WAHL has created a shampoo line formulated from 100-percent-natural plant-derived ingredients deemed safe for pets and pet parents. “Unfortunately, many shampoos on the market that contain harsh chemicals are also difficult to rinse off,” said Navdeep Jayee, national sales manager for WAHL in India. “When the shampoo is not properly rinsed, it leaves a residue that can further irritate the skin—or worse,” he added.

To address the need for better rinse-ability, WAHL shampoos contain more surfactants, a natural compound that adds viscosity for rinsing effectiveness. They also contain a higher concentrate, requiring only a small amount for effective cleaning. The complete line includes: Four In One (lavender and chamomile), Puppy Shampoo (tear-free, cornflower and aloe), Odour Control (natural odour repellent – eucalyptus and spearmint) Oatmeal (oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena), Shed Control (lemongrass, sage, oatmeal and aloe) and
Flea & Tick (rosemary, mint and cedar oil). WAHL pet shampoos are available in industry-leading 24 ounces at max price of Rs 750 and deliver 70 percent more baths than standard 12-ounce bottles. For further enquiries, contact WAHL at toll free number: 1800 3000 0765.