Eternal pet adoration of KEITH Sequeira


Dogs and Keith are inseparable…they just enjoy being together… we have seen a bit of this wonderful man-canine relationship on television show ‘Heavy Petting’.
So, it won’t surprise our readers, if we share that he is a big time animal lover and is a comrade of real life furry friends too! Dogs & Pups discovers this furry bond in a tête-à-tête with Keith Sequeira.

Keith Sequeira

Keith Sequeira, a known face on television, often seen petting dogs, made his big screen debut with the film Sixteen as a main lead. His famous stint was as VJ with B4U music channel. Post which he became a lifestyle presenter and did shows for other premium channels like AXN, NDTV Good Times, Star Plus, VH 1. Later, he shifted his focus to sports and was a presenter with NEO Sports and Star Sports. He has also featured in popular commercial ads for Raymond, Femina, Dabur Honey, Maruti Wagon R, Timex, etc.


Well begin is half done!
Once a dog lover always a dog lover! His love for animals is as old as he is, and on asking about beginning of this comradeship, he replied, “Yes, I always had pets since childhood, my mum really loved and cared for animals, so we had dogs, cats and injured birds as pets around and I clearly remember my first pet dog named Sandy (adopted). In total, I had seven dogs, cats in and out and some birds who were let loose once they were nursed back.”
On asking if there was anyone special, he replied that it’s not fair, “All have had a special place…‘Blonde’ who passed away three years ago was the matriarch of the current lot.”

“Bingo, a black cross bred played with me when I was young. We dropped a bottle of milk on the floor while playing and so we both hid under the bed to avoid getting caught by mom and dad. Each time someone would come to get me out, he would growl and come closer, so no one would touch me…we lay there ‘hiding’ for almost three hours,” he chuckled.

On responsible pet parenting…
As per Keith it is very important to know your pet and understand their temperament, that’s how they communicate. “Also make sure to give them plenty of exercise. Never over-feed your pet and also groom them well…that’s like getting fresh clothes every day. Talk to them, they understand more than you think,” he concluded.


Rapid fire round
Spending time with your dogs: I have three dogs
and when I’m at home, I spend most of the day with them.
What you love about your dogs: Their love and affection…
Also they remind me of special moments in my life.
What your dogs love most about you: I play a lot with them.
Your pet’s favourite dishes: Chicken soup with carrots.
Special treat for your dog: Occasional spoonful of ice cream
Favourite activities together: Playing hide n’ seek and
fetch the ball.
Annoying habits: Licking my face when I’m asleep in the morning.
Qualities you love: Their unconditional love and temperament (they are like buffers after a stress filled day) plus they
don’t judge.
Funny/Crazy antics: When they are upset, they need to be hand-fed and pampered.