KPS shares training mistakes to avoid


There are a few mistakes pet parents make while training their pooch, which result in misbehaviour and bad relations.

  • Training is a continuous process: Pet parents often teach basic commands to pets and then don’t practice them enough. Make it a routine for them – Sit for Dinner, Wait for Door to Open, Down at Dog Park, etc. Make it continuous process so that they do not forget.
  • Use commands at different places: Teach your dog to obey your commands at different places in different situations and not just your area of training.
  • Repeating commands: Some dogs do not respond to the commands due to some reasons like distraction, confusion, etc. In such times, pet parents repeat the command until the dog sits. This sends the message to the dog that it is ok to ignore the commands for a few times. Instead, if you are ignored, take your pooch to a quiet spot and ask him again. If he does not obey, teach him basic obedience again.
  • Time your training sessions: Whenever you are teaching a new command to your dog, as soon as you see some success, reward and quit. It is important to quit the session before the dog feels bored.
  • Treats – not always: Use praise, pat, and good words also to reward your dog, else he will always associate treats with good behaviour.
  • Be consistent: Always be consistent in your behaviour and setting rules.