MAGICAL Eyes & Cuddles and MORE Splash Fun!


Magical Eyes – Ever wonder why you melt, give in, or just find those drooling doggy eyes – simply irresistible? Does thegaze, the look, the melting eyes just captivate and spellbind your heart? There is no escape…best is you are happily smitten and completely under their charm and spell.


Well, there’s now a scientific evidence for the same. Japanese researchers have found that dogs when they make eye contacts with their pet parents induce increased level of oxytocin in pet parents. This is very similar to the feeling that bonds together parents and children. No wonder, as pet parents, you experience so many magical moments and realise that life is about the moments which steal your heart away!


Magical Cuddles – The student union at University of Central Lancashire in UK is teaming up with the charity Guide Dogs to raise money for charity and to help students de-stress during exams by cuddling a puppy in a dedicated dog room. Based on a research done in Japan that pictures of kittens and pups could increase concentration levels.


More Splash Fun – Many of us take our furry kids along on vacation as we get to spend a lot of quality time with them. Every trip with them is memorable. Once on a trip to Rishikesh with Sparkle, Sparkle decided to have a swimming gala on the banks of the river Ganges. Under our supervision, wearing a harness and a long retractable leash we let Sparkle cautiously in the shallow part of the river. To my amazement, joy and excitement, Sparkle was simply ecstatic, not only was he paddling and swimming, but also diving in like an OTTER and picking up pebbles and bringing them up – ‘See mama- what I can do!’ Honestly- it did make my heart so proud, not only that while remembering this incident which was so many years back… brings a BIG sparkling smile to my heart.


Yes, pets can surprise us with their skills. Those who are still hesitant to let your pooch swim can get some real handy tips in our special feature titled Swimming: A splash of fun, frolic and exercise. Let the water beauties show their skills! After all it is summer time… time to relax and chill. Take good care of your pets in this season. Sparkle and team wish you a fun-filled summer ahead and do CONNECT with us on our facebook ( having 1,45,000 plus ‘Likes’ for your daily dose of fun, information and interaction.


Wishing you all happy & safe summers!