Rony taught me the meaning of FRIENDSHIP

Ayu and Rony

In childhood everyone has one sibling or more to fight with and those who don’t have sometimes become upset like me! But in my life Rony walked in as an angel brother from another mother. I still remember him as a cute little indie boy running around me! And he became my first love and we used to play fights like anyone would do with their siblings. Bathing him was fun! While doing so…I used to drench myself also in the process, but loved the experience. Whenever I was out of station Rony was with dad and he whined, but calmed down soon after he heard my voice on phone.


I know every story doesn’t have happy ending. One Saturday night I went out to get Rony’s favourite food. Just beyond my imagination, Rony was nowhere when I returned! I lost him! I cried like a child and tried searching for him every possible places but I couldn’t find him anywhere. That was the day I decided to help rescue other animals. Rony was lost but he gave me the hope to help other animals. My childhood could have never been jolly without him. He will always be the one who taught me the meaning of friendship. I just wish he is happy wherever he is and he will always be in my heart forever!