Woof! It’s pawrty time


Our beloved pets love to pawrty. Here are tail-wagging tips to organise pooch pawrties
Johnny blew out the candle and cut the cake, with his mommy holding his tiny paws. It’s Johnny’s birthday party and he is celebrating with his near and dear ones. Pet parties are becoming quite common these days. We all want our pooch to have a blast on his special day.
Why not throw a party to celebrate his achievements and share his happiness? Here are few tips to help you get the pawrty started.
Create customised canine cards
Invite the guests with uniquely designed invitation cards matching the theme of the event and that too designed by you. Paste a picture of your pooch on a colorful construction paper and write down his personal message for his barking buddies. It might take some time and effort to design the cards, but it is worth the effort considering the amount of fun you can have doing this.
Else, you can just paste a digital photo of your pet on a word processor and type out his message under this. Print multiple copies of this document and voila, your invitation cards are ready. To give it a canine touch, you can even paste some doggy designs like paw prints on this card. Just get wacky and use your creativity while designing your cards.
Decorate to dazzle doggies
Add funk and spirit to the party by decorating the party space. Add doggie touch to the ambience by using paw printed fabrics or fabrics with Dalmatian dots for screens and table cloths. You can design such fabrics yourself by painting paws or simple dots on plain fabrics using fabric paints. Hang dog paintings or pictures on the wall. Cut out a bone shaped cardboard piece and tie it to the dining chairs.
If you have an open space with a garden and hopefully a pool to add, your furry friends’ delight will be pawfect. Your furry guests will have a whole zipping across the garden and swimming in the pool. Just keep an eagle’s eye on all.
Get drool-worthy dogilicious delights
A pooch party would be incomplete without yummy food for the doggie guests (and the two-legged guests) to gorge on. Make sure you buy and keep stock of mouth-watering doggie food and treats (and some good food for the pet parents as well). Pet shops are offering wide variety of nutritious and delicious dog food these days including treats for special occasions like cakes and muffins for our furry members. You can also prepare some goodies at home by referring to doggie recipe books.
Yap! Yap! Let’s play & hop
No doubt your pooch will have an amazing time playing and mingling with other dogs during the party, you can make the party a lot more fun and entertaining for both pets and pet parents, by organizing some games and activities. Here are some amusing activities and games that can be played during the party:

  • Treat hunt: Hide dog treats and let the dogs hunt for the treats. The dog who sniffs out maximum number of treats wins the game. Keep a time limit and hit the buzzer when the time is up. You will need some volunteers to keep an eye on each dog and decide upon the winner of this game.
  • Toy collector: This is a team game with each team composed of the pet and pet parent. Each team would be given a bucket and some dog toys scattered on the floor. The pet parents have to get their pets to fetch the toys one by one, which they can drop in the bucket. The team that collects maximum number of toys in the bucket in a given time wins the game.
  • I say! You do!: This game tests how well the dog understands his pet parent and how well-trained the dog is. Create teams of pets and their parents. Each pet parent has to get the pet to perform simple actions like ‘Standing’, ‘Sitting’, ‘Fetching the ball’, ‘Rolling on the ground’ etc. The dog who performs most of these actions correctly will be considered the winner.
  • Fetching fido: This game can be played with a ball or a frisbee. The pet parents will throw a ball and ask their pets to fetch the ball. The pooch who fetches and hands over the ball to its owner first wins the game.
  • Mutt ‘n’ music: This game is like musical chair. The pet parents walk their dogs while the music is playing and get the dogs to sit when the music stops. The dog who sits the last gets eliminated. The process continues until there is only one team left that wins the game.

Bow wow!! Gifts I love
End the event by distributing awards to the four-legged guests. You can give awards like ‘The Prettiest Pooch’, ‘The Friendliest Dog’ and ‘The Most Mischievous Mutt’. Also announce the winners of the games and reward them with some gifts. You can also give small return gifts to all the four-legged guests for making the event a rocking one. Gifts can be anything like dog toys, dog treats, collar, leash, feeding bowl, dog bed, grooming products like doggie shampoo or pet shop gift coupons.
Use these ideas and come up with your own creative ideas to throw an awesome party for your pooch. You will be gifted in return with his priceless Bow Wows and loving licks.