Make the World Better for Pets @MARS


“Pets Make the World Better and MARS’ vision is to Make the World Better for Pets,” says General Manager PVV Srinivasa Rao, (Srini to all associates of MARS India), MARS International India, Hyderabad.
Srini with Bunty
Live, love and celebrate pets! “Meet Bunty our Pet associate”, proudly declares Srini! At MARS, dogs are a part of our life and it is important to live with them to understand them better. Our associates share a special bond with Bunty. Srini says, “Every morning when I come to work, I make sure to spend a few minutes with Bunty before I start my day. It kind of energises and inspires me”. As for Bunty, he spends his day playing around in the office and is a favourite of all.
‘Open’ office and the ‘Five Principles’! “The MARS Five Principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom are the foundation of MARS’ culture and our approach to business. They unite us across geographies, languages, cultures and generations” says Srini. He adds, “Five Principles are very fundamental to the way we all work and take important decisions. MARS associates follow the Five Principles in conversations, stories and everything around; it has therefore become very much a part of our life. For MARS associates, when it comes to talking about business practices, nobody follows any rule book but the Five Principles.”
MARS stands for all causes for the betterment of pets evident with their support to various NGOs like Blue Cross and dog shelters across India. MARS, as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), strategically spends on the welfare of pets as well as other activities around the communities that MARS is associated with. Srini adds, “Our objective as a company is to create a mutuality of benefits for all of our stakeholders through our operations.”
Another signature initiative at MARS is the MARS Ambassador Program (MAP). Through MAP, MARS supports its community engagement strategy, which was created to ensure that all the activities in the community tie back to the business strategy, focusing on the following three key pillars: i) Health and Prosperity for Our Communities; ii) Better World for Pets; and iii) Greener Planet. “MARS always focuses on the positive values and differences that can be made to the community,” says Srini.
The WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN) is a leading scientific authority in pet nutrition and well-being, advancing the frontiers of scientific research in companion animals for nearly 50 years. WALTHAM has, in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientific institutes, pioneered many important breakthroughs in pet nutrition that support leading MARS Petcare brands. According to Srini, “WALTHAM is at the heart of the MARS Petcare vision – “A Better World for Pets” and its caring science forms the backbone and scientific foundation behind our products, education to pet parents and key influencers that bring the vision to reality”
Petcare Academy
MARS India has designed a signature programme called ‘Petcare Academy’ aimed at creating passionate pet care Ambassadors. This programme not only enhances product awareness and knowledge on pet nutrition but focuses on creating a pet-centric culture to help create a better world for pets.
“All our associates have to undergo an elaborate induction programme – with a focus on the Petcare Academy and Essence of MARS programme which help them to understand and inculcate our culture and vision,” describes Srini. MARS also drives an innovative initiative for pet parents and is currently driving ‘Puppy Nutrition Programme’ wherein the trained Pet Nutrition Specialists reach out to new pet parents and educate them on puppy training, specialised nutrition for puppies, best feeding practices and basics of pet parenting.
Srini says, “For us at MARS, it is not only about pet food but ‘Pet care’ – we are completely committed to Pets, Pet nutrition, World of pets and Responsible pet parenting.”